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A Practical Way to Enjoy Your Italian Vacations

Italy Train Travel

Train Travel Italy is a convenient and affordable way to explore this amazing country and fall in love with it - over and over again. Italy boasts what seems to be an endless list of remarkable destinations, and most of these see quite a bit of foot traffic throughout the year. More and more of these visitors are falling in love with Italy train travel due to it's flexibility, versatility, but last but not least - more spending money in our pockets. This type of travel is immensely popular, especially in Italy - where the railway system looks like a network of veins and arteries covering nearly the entire leg-shaped peninsula. 

Travel Guide Italy

Our aim is to help our visitors with planning their trips, so more attention can be focused on fully enjoying this one of a kind place - full of exciting activities and tourist attractions. We hope that our visitors get to experience ample must-see Italian destinations like never before by discovering Italy train travel. Thanks to the progressive, 3-Class Italian railway system, pretty much all throughout the country, Trains in Italy will stop just about anywhere on your travel map.

Before your trip, it might be helpful to find out a few things there are to know about train travel Italy and touring the country in general. It's a good idea to review the necessary Travel Information. With your documents up to date, cell phone & data browsing taken care of and your health insured you can just kick back on a beach and enjoy the dolce vita in the pleasurable Italy climate.

Let our Italy train travel guide show you some great option for getting to Italy and discovering while here. Slow travel has become quite popular here, when more time is available - one can fully indulge in all that Italy has to offer such as colourful festivals, exquisite shopping, exciting walking tours and so on. With limitless activity options to choose from, you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime while taking advantage of train travel Italy.

Italy Tour Packages

While here, why not try some escorted tours. It's a great way to find out all there is to know about this truly amazing place. Time and time again this has proven to be a great way to discover the vast amount of places to visit in Italy while learning the story behind each one. Using train travel Italy is a great way to get you from one tour destination to another.

Train travel Italy is an amazing way to amp your Italian vacation experience. It completely eliminates the need of visiting unwanted places just for the sake of getting somewhere or connecting between transportation means. Every place you go while experiencing Italy train travel will affect you in pleasant and mysterious ways, open up your heart and inspire the mind.

Tourist Attractions in Italy

For centuries Italy has been a tourist destination of choice because of its breathtaking beauty, historical significance, amazing food and much more. Experience the deeply rooted Italian culture, fascinating historic landmarks and mesmerizing architecture. While here you're guaranteed to find the activities of choice that will keep you coming back for yet another Italian vacation.

Italy has the most World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Simply put, anyone who's planning a trip to Italy can be assured they will never run out of things to do here. The best part is, with Italy's 50 UNESCO historic sites, epic landmarks and unforgettable destinations - there is something to do for everyone. 

Most Popular Cities in Italy

Rome - the Italian capital is an absolute must and options of sightseeing and tourist activities are endless. Florence - where streets breathe history is located near world famous wineries that must also be explored. Milan is considered to be the cultural metropolitan where you can shop till you drop, enjoy fine food and discover the local culture. Venice will mesmerize you as it happens to be an architectural marvel where romance is in the air. Many more cities can be mentioned than shown below but with so many great destinations - the trick is to just go and experience each one for yourself using out favourite method of travel - Italy train travel.  

Places to Visit in Italy

Explore Italy's regions, islands, villages and towns to fully get a taste for it all while enjoying train travel Italy. Find out what most travellers consider the best cities to visit here and find out all there is to know about each locality to get the most out of your trip. 

Many destinations require ferries, walking, taking a car or bus to get to get there, but thanks to the elaborate system of train travel in Italy - you are bound to find a railway station in the vicinity.

Things to Do in Italy

Like to stay active, or follow a sport? There are plenty of sporting events here to attend as well as participate in while you train travel Italy. Perhaps you'd like to attend one of Italy's colourful festivals or get inspired from watching a beautifully staged show inside a historical theatre. While immersed in all of this you are bound to get the munchies - the restaurant guide will help make wise and delicious choices that won't break the bank.

Want to try something different? How about enjoying the amazing thrill of cruising the checkpoints on your mediterranean sea map. Whether a romantic honeymoon or an adventure trip you won't forget, Italy train travel will make getting around easier so you can truly enjoy and discover yourself in a whole new way.

Accommodation in Italy

Italy tourism has been on the rise every year and so has the demand for lodging. When planning a trip to Italy, you may want to consider booking your hotel ahead of time. Choose from romantic honeymoon resorts, mesmerizing seaside hotels or browse through what many travellers consider the best hotels. During the peak season, hotels in Italy can become over booked, so don't leave room for disappointment. Also train travel in Italy will be a somewhat overcrowding experience with the amount of tourist travel during the busy time.

Today, with the help of internet, there are more and more interesting lodging choices available to the vast amount of visitors coming through and enjoying train travel Italy. There are many options: bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals or hostels & the web puts booking power right at your fingertips. Once you see Italy for all it's beauty, you'll want to come back all the time. In this case you may want to look at a property to purchase for that perfect Italian retreat to come back to, plus it can generate income while you're away.

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