A Touch of Italy
Feel the Italian Touch Everywhere You Go

A Touch of Italy

While vacationing in this beautiful country - a touch of Italy is everywhere you look and it is bound to bring that youthful, refreshing sparkle in your eye. There's timeless beauty, open hearts, endless soul food for the eyes to gander at. Most of all - people live here to enjoy, plus Italians take their rest and relaxation very seriously. So what do we mean when we say "a touch of Italy" besides the restaurant chain nameActually, a few things come to mind right off the top.

Few Things that Are a Touch of Italy

Dining, Music and Theatre

A touch of Italy can often refer to the food and fine dining options all over the country, with all those traditional flavours that will sure to satisfy your tastebuds. There is some region diversity when it comes to food in Italy - from Northern rich creamy sauces and meat stuffed pastas to the southern tangy tomato sauces and fresh steamed seafood. Be sure to include some amazing dining experiences while here, booking a table online has never been easier.

Italy has brought us unforgettable music that can transcend us through time with its romantically charming sound. It is responsible for bringing us world renowned voices of Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli as well as great composers such as Gioachino Rossini and Antonio Vivaldi. No Italian vacation would be complete without an uplifting sound of Italian music to add a little touch of Italy.

If you enjoy the performing arts and popular music, you are bound to find a theatre show or grandstand event of liking to add a touch of Italy to your trip. Many opulent indoor venues as well as magnificent outdoor installations invite performing artists & music stars from around the world to this amazing place, no to mention all their fans for some amazing atmosphere and loads of fun to be had.

Art, Architecture and History

For those of you who appreciate famous artist paintings and breathtaking artwork galleries, Italy has your art holiday of choice. The timeless, inspirational works of MichelangeloLeonardo da Vinci and Raphael have influenced fine art as well as Italian architecture a great deal. Their work define what is "a touch of Italy" and is forever engraved in many things Italian such as famous landmarks, magnificent paintings and an abundance clever inventions which were adapted by people all over the globe.

Italian architecture is well known all over the world for its broad and diverse Italy style. Many worthy architectural achievements were pioneered in Italy, like the solid and ever lasting arches and domes. There are about 100,000 monuments in Italy - all different types including archeological remains, churches, fountains, museums and so on giving you plenty to explore and admire while vacationing here. 

Italian history is very influential to the rest of the world and dates back many centuries, in fact there is evidence of civilization in the peninsula dating as far back as 8,000 BC. Due to Italy's location which is in the midst of the mediterranean trading routes, it has been subject to many historical invasions. As a result, it has also gained major foothold in being the focal point of culture and originality. A touch of Italy is a phrase recognized worldwide and especially evident while experiencing this amazing peninsula. In many ways - a touch of Italy can be seen and felt everywhere while vacationing here. It's engraved in old stones, people's open hearts and rich colour palettes depicting only a small fragment of what is a touch of Italy or "un tocco d'Italia" as the locals would say it.

Fashion, Festivals and Fine Cars

Italy style is bold & beautiful and this country is considered to be a world leader in the fashion industry. Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals, offering a shopping experience like no other. You will find all your favourite brands like Valentino, Gucci, Fendi, Moschino just to name a few in many high-class boutiques, designer stores and fashion outlets. Whether making new purchases or just window shopping, joy will be achieved for every type of fashion connoisseur. 

When it comes to Italian festivals, they aren't kidding around. In Italy people work to live and have fun - not the other way around, they love being with friends and family while celebrating many events which take place here. There are many themes when it comes to festivals and they've been a tradition for many centuries passed down from generation to generation. There are at least 20 festivals that are absolutely worth checking out while vacationing here.

For gear-heads or just anyone who enjoys the experience of driving a fine rental car, Italy is a world front-runner in manufacturing many makes of high performance and luxury automobiles. Italian car brands include Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lamborghini, just to name a few - and what an experience it would be to cruise a mountainous coast line in a beautifully engineered automobile with the top down, while soaking in some rays and everything else Italian.

For more travel ideas and other topics that describe what is "a touch of Italy" - check out a great article by The Culture Trip on the 10 things this amazing country is famous for.

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