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Adventure Travel Italy

If you are looking for some adventure travel Italy fun - you won’t be disappointed with the many options that are available in this beautiful country. Adventure travel in Italy combines historical landmarks and ancient sights with breathtaking countryside and exciting exercising opportunities. From hiking tours to biking and sea kayak tours, adventure travel in Italy has never been more thrilling. Let’s explore the various adventure travel options for your vacation to Italy.

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Hiking in Italy

Hiking adventure tours are popular in Italy, and you can take trips through the cities or landscapes depending on your preference. There are hiking tours that run on southern Italy’s volcano route from Naples to Sicily. On this tour, you will see the volcanic peaks of Etna, Stromboli, and famed marvel Vesuvius. If Tuscany is on your wish list for a hiking tour, you can walk through historic Florence and then take a hike in vineyards and olive groves. If your travels take you to Cinque Terre, there are some fantastic hiking tours available there. The Southern Alps of Italy is also an enjoyable hiking experience.

Camping in Italy

There is an abundance of camping options available for your adventure travel Italy vacation. From junior sports camps, to teen tour explorations, to camping with the whole family at a site offering many benefits of the great outdoors. Some tour operators offer camps or tours for the young ones that take them walking through historical cities or sailing a vessel while exploring the sea. 

Booking campsites has never been easier, whether just pitching a tent and keeping it simple to travelling with an RV and having an elaborate set up. This type of exploration of the outdoors is quite affordable and great fun for the whole family. 

Sea Kayak Italy

You may not think of sea kayaking as being a possible adventure travel Italy option, but it is very popular adventure tour along the coast of Italy. With Italy’s more than four thousand miles of coastline, there are amazing areas for sea kayaking. Whether you are an experienced kayaker or just starting out, there are adventure tours for all skill levels. The variety of adventure tours that will take you paddling down the Amalfi Coast or paddling from town to town in the Cinque Terre. There are also kayak adventure tours in Cilento. If you are headed to Sicily, you can kayak from the stunning island of Vulcano. Tuscany and Sardinia also offer kayaking tours. Sea kayaking adventure travel can also be combined with cycling, hiking and a whole host of other activities.

Cycling in Italy

If you love to cycle, you can do it through the breathtaking countryside and towns of Italy on your adventure vacation. Tours can be guided, or you can take a self-guided trip depending on your preference and where you want to go. Take a ride through the rolling hillsides of Tuscany or Piedmont or cycle along the Cilento coast and visit vineyards and the towns of Umbria and Marche. Other cycling tours take place in the quaint seaside of Cinque Terre. If you prefer a more mountainous cycling experience, Northern Italy has some beautiful trails through Dolomites mountain range.

Giro d'Italia is a biker race that is somewhat similar to Tour de France. It begins in early May and lasts for the majority of the month. The race takes place through the scenic country side and it's an exciting event to watch.

Riding in Italy

If you love the open road & wind in your hair and, consider a motorcycle tour as part of your adventure travel Italy. Whether the gorgeous rolling countryside of Tuscany, or exploring the streets of ancient Rome, there is a riding adventure that will be right for you. Most of the shorter tours are designed for the intermediate riders and are usually 250 miles long. While riding in central Italy, the popular stop-over spots include the Apennine Mountains, Assisi, Urbino, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena, Chianti, Orvieto, Bolsena Lake and much more.

There are tours for more advanced riders that can last up to 10-12 days, and the distance could be up to 1000 miles. Some tours include a visit to the famous Mugello race track where Grand Prix events are hosted. If riding in the south, the Amalfi coast trek is absolutely stunning and while there, stops at historical city of Pompeii and the beautiful Matera are an absolute must.

Whichever adventure travel Italy trip you decide to embark on when you visit Italy, it will be a memorable visit here that combines the history and culture, plus the natural beauty and activities of the great outdoors which this stunning country has to offer. If you are interested in doing some cool, hidden and unusual activities for your adventure travel Italy trip, why not visit the AtlasObscura site - they have nearly 600 ideas about just that.

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