Amalfi Italy
An Elegant Sea-Side Town in the Salerno Gulf

Amalfi Italy

Amalfi Italy is a magnificent town located on a stretch of coastline on the northern side of the Salerno Gulf which is in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is a beautiful part of the Province of Salerno in Italy's south where the town's backdrop is the sea on one side and breathtaking coastal cliffs on the other. This town has a deep-rooted history and during the period of 9th to 11th centuries acted as the seat of a powerful maritime republic. 

Amalfi Weather

The town of Amalfi Italy and Amalfi coast weather entirely is a pleasant one, much like the rest of Italy - with the summers being short, with mostly clear skies and hot, muggy and dry conditions. Winters are generally long and partly cloudy with cold, wet and windy conditions. The average temperature variance throughout the year is from 7°C to 32°C and not usually below 3°C or higher than 34°C. Most visiting between June – September when Amalfi coast weather is warmest and some of the world’s most relaxing beaches are alive with sun, surf, restaurants, music and, shady corners, inviting partiers and siesta lovers alike. 

More About Amalfi Italy

Amalfi Italy is considered to be one of the most historical towns along the coast with its compelling story being a strong maritime republic many centuries ago. It's history is celebrated here every 4 years in June with an exciting Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics which also takes place in the other cities involved in this celebration, and they are Genoa, Pisa and Venice.

It's easy to spot the town from the water due to its beauty and grace, and also the cluster of white buildings that dot along the Amalfi Coast. The town boasts a beautiful marina along its coast with many types of beautiful boats as well as a sea-side promenade where you can find many activities to peak your interests, including shopping, fine dining, sightseeing and much more. 

The culture, architecture, history and artistic merit experience in Amalfi Italy will leave you with lasting memories will keep you coming back to this magical place for more, time and time again. The scenery and the mesmerizing landscapes will leave you stunned and give you a selection of photos like you won't get anywhere else in the world.

Popular Sites to Visit

  • Arab-Norman Sant'Andrea cathedral - Located right in the heart of this lovely town, with impressive Byzantine architecture from the 9th century
  • Museo Arsenale Amalfi - Is a site to see where the medieval shipyard is turned into exhibition space for local events
  • Piazza del Duomo - Main focal point of the historical centre which boasts an impressive cathedral, many interesting shops, cafes and restaurants
  • Duomo di Sant'Andrea - Beautifully constructed Byzantine cathedral with magnificent Arabesque arches and amazing fresco mural on the inside
  • Museo della Carta - The Paper Museum is a must-see for the inquiring mind, see how paper was and still IS made in a place that was once known as a centre for paper mills
  • Emerald Grotto - A natural wonder that is quite famous in the Amalfi Italy area, it is located at Cape Conca and radiates and unbelievable light during a nice sunny day - a photo op of the century!

Popular Communes Near Amalfi Italy

If you hold a boat license valid in Europe, it might be worthwhile to rent a boat and explore the hidden beaches and coves along the Amalfi stretch. You can take a ferry or a hydrofoil to to other great destinations like Capri, Salerno and Positano. Also, there is bus service available and running frequently to take you to any part of the Amalfi area that can be reached by road. 

Salerno ItalySalerno

Amalfi Map and Train Tips

The beautiful thing about taking the train to your Amalfi Italy adventure is that the closest multi-service station happens to be the Stazione Salerno railway station which is the last stop that you can take the Italian bullet train to, with the second last stop being Napoli Centrale in Campania region capital - Naples. You can go with incredibly fast Italo trains or another "Alta Velocità" train like the Frecciarossa. If you aren't into travelling at speeds above 300km/h, there are other types of train routes available from Naples and Salerno, like fairly fast regional trains and Intercity trains.

Although there is no train service right into the town of Amalfi Italy, it's a mere 25km the Salerno station by car or bus - usually a 45 minute ride, but well worth it. There is another - smaller train station that is about 4 km closer to Amalfi called Vietri Sul Mare with Intercity service. Use this helpful Amalfi map, with nearby train stations as well as the major interest points. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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