Ancona Italy
Adriatic Seaport City in the Beautiful Marche Region

Ancona Italy

Ancona Italy is a tucked away escape destination on the Adriatic coast. There are fantastic beaches with some world class hotels perched on the shore. The city has an extensive harbour, which makes it a fantastic place to walk through to see some beautiful sights as well as a wide range of ships and commercial freighters. The coastline hosts a lot of fine restaurants and atmospheric bars. One of the most important museums in the region - the Archaeological Museum, is a very interesting and educational place to visit. A magnificent arch 18.5 meters high and 3 meters wide, made from Turkish marble, stands in the heart of the port area and serves as a display of Ancona’s historical involvement with the Roman Empire.


Ancona Italy is a humming port city located on the eastern coast of the Marche region. Here, you'll find beautiful beaches, cultural landmarks and historic sites to please every type of traveler. The city and the famous seaport lie slightly north of the central part of the country - about 300 km northeast of Rome. Ancona Italy serves as a main port for the Adriatic Sea and is a busy passenger and commercial hub.

If it is beaches and the sea you desire on your trip to Ancona, there are several places to choose from. The Ancona Harbour is a bustling area with ships of all shapes and sizes to admire. You can take your time strolling around and looking at everything from fishing boats to cruise ships. There are also several restaurants to dine at right in the area. If it’s the beach you seek, take a short trip out to Portonovo Bay. It has sandy beaches and turquoise waters which will relax and rejuvenate you. There are also several cafes in the area where you can enjoy a strong coffee while you take in the tranquil sights. Spiaggia del Passetto is another beach area that has the perfect combination of sand and sea mixed with a breathtaking rugged terrain. You can stretch out your legs on a walk along its sweeping promenade as you soak up the rays of the balmy Italian sun.

After a trip to the beach, you will be ready to take in the cultural sights of Ancona. These include museums such as The National Archeological Museum of the Marche Region or the Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Here you will find a collection of artefacts dating back to the prehistoric age. A Roman and Greek-Hellenistic section is also highlighted. If you are a gallery lover, take a trip to the Municipal Art Gallery which features works such as Madonna with Child by Carlo Crivelli and Gozzi Altarpiece by Titan among its other great works. 

If churches and cathedrals are on your must-see list, you have to visit the Ancona Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco. Both of these structures are rich in history and architecture that will delight the traveler seeking a glimpse into the past. The Arch of Trajan and the Lazzaretto are also places of great wonder. Moreover, if that’s not enough, you can take a trip to Ancona’s very own Roman Amphitheater. The remains of the theatre and a school are on display. 

Ancona Italy is an Adriatic gem of a city that has something for everyone. From calm sunny beaches where you can rest and unwind to historic landmarks and museums that will steep you in ancient history, you are sure to find pleasure in this unique seaport city.

Ancona Map & Train Tips

The main railway station for the city is the Ancona Centrale. It boasts high speed, overnight, intercity and regional trains to get passengers where they want to go at their own pace. Other train stations in the city include the Ancona Marittima, the Ancona Torrette, the Ancona Stadio, the Palombina and the Varano terminal. 

Below is an Ancona map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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