L'Aquila Italy
Capital of Abruzzo & Beautiful Italian City to Visit

L'Aquila Italy

The city of L’Aquila Italy is situated in Southern Italy and serves as both the capital city of the Abruzzo region and the Province of L’Aquila. This picturesque University City is flanked by the Apennine Mountains and the Gran Sasso d’Italia. L’Aquila is perched on a hillside in a narrow valley with the snow kissed mountains surrounding the town. Baroque and Renaissance building line the cobblestone streets and the city boasts a theatre, orchestra, and a film institute. Moreover, there are quite a few popular ski resorts nearby. However, L’Aquila is perhaps most famous for its earthquakes. The most recent one occurred on April 6, 2009, and had a magnitude of 6.3. The quake caused buildings to collapse and caused widespread damage. Three hundred and eight people were killed, and fifteen hundred were injured. The earthquake was felt as far away as Rome, Lazio, and Molise. Since then, the city has rebuilt many of its damaged building and remains a thriving metropolis.


L’Aquila Italy has many historical landmarks and stunning architecture that are well worth a visit. The National Museum of Abruzzo is located here, and it has been relocated after the earthquake to a new location next to the Fountain of 99 Waterspouts. This new location has over a hundred sculptures and paintings on display including works by Mattia Preti. The museum houses Roman finds as well as Medieval and Baroque art. A real treasure trove for art lovers! And while you are there, be sure to take in the Fountain of 99 Waterspouts or the Fontana della Rivera located nearby. This stunning display dates back to the thirteenth century and depicts water flowing from the lips of ninety-nine chiseled heads. The Santa Maria di Collemaggio is also worth a visit on your trip to L’Aquila. Although damaged in the earthquake, the original ornate exterior in its Romanesque-Gothic glory still stands. The design of pink and white stone is striking and was the first site of the Papal Jubilee. In fact, Pope Celestine V is interred there. 

If it’s outdoor spaces, you seek on your trip to L’Aquila Italy, be sure to visit Gran Sasso National Park which is located just outside the city. This 370,000-acre park is an untamed wilderness of mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys and spectacular waterfalls. The rugged landscape is unparalleled and mystifyingly beautiful. Native plants, flowers, and wildlife abound in this picturesque landscape. 

L’Aquila Italy is a wonder to behold from its ancient architecture to its beautiful wide open spaces. Be sure to take in this city on your trip to Italy and be prepared to be fascinated with all that it has to offer. 

L'Aquila Italy Map & Train Tips

Depending on where you are coming from to visit L’Aquila, train travel is a good option if coming from most major cities. If you take a high-speed train, the trip from Rome to L’Aquila is just under three hours. Moreover, the schedule is flexible with approximately ten trips available per day. The L’Aquila Railway station is conveniently located in the Piazzale Stazione which is just west of the city center. The station has been serving passengers since 1875 and takes travelers to regional destinations. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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