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Capture the Heart of Italy by a Stroke of a Brush

Art Holidays

Italy is rich in art culture history as the birthplace of many important art and intellectual movements including the Renaissance, Neoclassical, and the Baroque eras. Major Italian cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence are the homes of many famous art museums and many culturally important artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Fra Angelico. Aside from art museums, visitors experience art influences throughout many different architectures of Italy. One of the most notable artistic influences to date is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. 

Art appreciation is a way of life among Italians as the country is surrounded by aesthetic influences everywhere from historical exhibitions to world-class artistry; intricate architectures against the balmy cerulean sky, and the vibrant hue of the scenic city walls.  Italy is built with rustic architecture, beautiful landscapes, and unique canals that provide a sense of timelessness and spectacular artistic inspirations. The uniquely charming towns and cities in Italy, along with the richness of the country's art history, makes Italy a delightful place to spend your art holiday and indulge in your artistic creativity.

Art holidays are inspiring retreats for all, from beginners to expert painters as the tours provide painting tuitions in scenic locations and visits to local art museums. The purpose of indulging in an art holiday is to take a journey to beautiful destinations around Italy while expanding your canvas of artistic repertoire through an array of charcoal, acrylics, pastels, and oil mediums. Hence, art holidays are a splendid experience for the creative souls to further develop their artistic skills, pander to the beauty of the country, and learn more about the city's vibrant and ancient artistic influences.

The following are only a few suggestions for art holidays destinations in Italy. First off - Tuscany, a region of central Italy. It is famous for its landscape that has inspired great movements, such as the Renaissance period. From the snow-capped Alps to vineyards stretching across rolling green hills, Tuscany emulates dream-like sceneries that can only be found in the countryside of Italy. As a result, it has been the perfect location for many artists to perfect their landscape painting, while registering the vibrant regional colours and honouring various textural techniques to capture the Tuscan natural beauty onto the canvas.

The capital of Tuscany - Florence, or Firenze as the locals call it, is definitely worth mentioning when brining up the topic of art holidays in Italy. It is a bustling city and a mecca of artistic accumulations. Coloured in its dusty, copper-red hue, Florence is home and a source of inspiration for many iconic painters, including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Giotto to name just a few. Many of Italy's most notable masterpieces can be found throughout Florence's 13th-century chapels, churches, museums, and cathedrals. Florence is known for its Renaissance & Baroque architecture, which provide beautifully inspirational locations to learn about Renaissance art and classical painting techniques as well at practice the skill of painting. 

Umbria is an expansive region of greeneries neighbouring Tuscany Marche regions. This region of Italy is known for its beautiful hills, dense forests, and tranquil, medieval hilltop towns. Umbria illustrates timeless 13th-century scenes with hilltop fortresses and old cathedrals still standing after centuries of wear and tear. Paired with a culture of wine tasting - Umbria is the perfect spot to stay for one of your your art holidays while discovering wonderful techniques of watercolour paintings that captures the stunning villages, landscapes, and ancient architecture in this region.

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