Bagnoregio Italy
A Magical Hill-Top Village in the Lazio Region

Civita di Bagnoregio

Bagnoregio Italy - known among the locals as Civita di Bagnoregio is village and a commune in the Province of Viterbo, in the most central region of Italy - Lazio. It is located about 90 km northwest of Rome and around 28 km north of Viterbo. This absolutely stunning hill-top commune is a great destination to check out on the way to Tuscany from Rome, or vice versa. Upon arrival, you will quickly realize that this village has not only a unique setting, but also boasts many interesting buildings, cathedrals and villas that date back many centuries and will provide for incredible backgrounds for memorable vacation photos.


Civita di Bagnoregio has an original charm that can often be seen on a silver screen. It is no wonder that this village is the choice shooting locations for popular ads and movies alike. In fact, many films have been partially shot here including: Pinocchio, My Big Gay Italian Wedding, Love's Brother and Two Colonels just to name a few.

Bagnoregio has been named as "The Most Beautiful Village in Italy" and it's no wonder why. It is truly a surreal site and a fantastic place to visit time and time again. Over the years, a lot of hard work was put into constructing this lovely commune into a hostile rock formation of the area. Because of the flawless architectural execution, the balance of the rugged terrain blends beautifully with the manicured buildings carefully placed on top of a great big hill. On foggy days the village appears to be suspended in the clouds when see from afar.

Civita di Bagnoregio is sometimes referred to as the dying city due to its friable, volcanic base slowly continues crumbling into the valley. However, it is far from diminishing, in fact - this village rates as the first European commune for growth in tourism due to its unforgettable charm and ample activities for all ages.

So there you have it, Bagnoregio Italy is one destination in Lazio not to be missed. There are plenty of lodging option from hotels, bed & breakfasts and even villas that you can rent with all kinds of luxury settings and a breathtaking view. For those who appreciate fine dining, you won't be disappointed. Many family owned restaurants take pride in serving the many visitors that come through here with fresh, delicious, local dishes. Aside from getting your belly full, there will be plenty of exploring option for local sites and cozy boutiques where you can find all kinds of local trinkets to take home with you.

Bagnoregio Italy Map & Train Tips

Because of the hill-top location of Civita di Bagnoregio Italy, there isn't a train station right in the village but there are a few in the vicinity. The closest 2 railway stations with bus services to Bagnoregio are Viterbo and Orvieto where you hop off an intercity train. From there, you can take a COTRAL bus line to the village of Bagnoregio. There is a €5 fee to cross the bridge and get to the village, on top of the bus fare, however - it's pretty inexpensive a convenient way to get you to this exciting destination.

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