Bellagio Italy
Breathtaking Beauty of The Pearl of Lake Garda

Bellagio Italy

Bellagio Italy is a lovely village located on the headland jutting into Lake Como, in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. Bellagio has a stunning view towards the central basin and the Grigne - a massive formation of mountains acting as strikingly beautiful backdrop. It is a lovely experience strolling the cobble stone passage lanes and exploring the nooks and crannies of this amazing place by foot. For those that love the water, you'll be mesmerized by all the luxurious 18th century villas dotting the coast and radiating brightly coloured pallets of the contemporary masterpieces of local architecture. 

Bellagio Weather

Bellagio weather can sometimes be unpredictable due to it's mountainous location but rest assured, there is plenty of sunshine here even though the warm season is short. Summers here are wet and warm, while the winters are very cold. It is partly cloudy throughout the year and average temperature can be anywhere from 0°C to 27°C. The lowest the village sees sometimes is --3°C and not higher than 31°C. Summer is a lovely time to visit, especially late June to early September.


More About Bellagio Italy

The name Bellagio rings far and wide but most people know it as a Las Vegas luxury resort, and if you love that city - my friend and mentor has a very informative website about just that called Las Vegas Entertainment Guide. For those not familiar with the small village of Bellagio Italy will be happy to learn that this small commune is a great tourist destination to visit when in northern Italy. The village is known as the Pearl of Lake Como and is located right on the tip of the peninsula jutting out into the lake shaped like an upside down "Y." Many beautiful villas overlook the water boasting breathtaking views of the surrounding area. In the centre of the commune, one can find many things to do as well like strolling the charming alleys filled with cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and much more. 

Popular Sites

  • Villa Serbelloni Park - Beautiful eighteenth century garden with a magnificent lake view 
  • San Giacomo Church - Built in 1402 and displays perfectly executed Romanesque architecture
  • Museum of Navigational Instruments - Rare objects on display such as compasses, sundials & other important navigation inventions
  • Tower of the Arts - A venue that hosts local Performances and exhibitions of all types

Popular Communes Near Bellagio Italy

Lario - also known as Lake Como, has many exciting tourist destinations near Bellagio Italy. Just a short ferry ride across the lake or a quick road-trip will get you into other great towns like Menaggio, Tremezzo and even southbound to Como. All of the towns here are a must see - especially if you love the coast of Lake Como.

Bellagio Map & Train Tips

To reach Bellagio Italy by railroad, you can take a train from Milan to Como and then take a ferry or a bus to Bellagio. A ferry can also be taken from Varenna, a commune on the east side of Lake Como with its own railway station - Varenna Esino. Alternatively, you can take a train to Canzo-asso which is the the closest train station on the centre spit of the lake and then take a 20 minute bus or a car ride to Bellagio - which is on the north point of the peninsula. All the above mentioned train stations are easily reachable from Como and Milan as well thanks to the Italian railways advantage. Find a Bellagio map below to help with the travel plans. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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