Benevento Italy
Artistic and Cultural Oasis in the Campania Region

Benevento Italy

Benevento means welcome in Italian! Located in Italy’s South East, a cool 50 km northeast of Naples by roadway in the region of Campania. The rivers of Sabato and Calore meet here in the city of Benevento Italy and add to the shimmering beauty of the valley below which can be viewed from end to end from this hilltop city. 


Visit Benevento Italy in the high seasons if you prefer a lot of hustle and bustle. August and December are the busiest months of the year in Benevento. To enjoy a slower pace and fewer crowds, visit between February and April. But, if you prefer the summer months, June and July are your best bets. Arrive by road or by train to this picturesque seat of the Archbishop of the Catholic Church but driving to Benevento is likely the most efficient option as a train trip can take as many as two hours. Although, the rail option is fairly cost efficient at as little as 9 euros as opposed to 23 euros by driver.

Benevento, Campania is a city worth seeing for its arts, culture and antiquities such as the Arch of Trajan, Santa Sofia Church, the Roman Theatre and the Rocco dei Retorri. Built in the year 114, the Arch of Trajan was known as the Golden Gate. The limestone arch, covered in marble, stands 15 meters high, making it a monument of grandeur. But it is the detailed carvings within the arch that are truly remarkable. On the keystones of the arch for example, carvings depict Trajan in Rome on one side and fortune on the other.

The Santa Sofia Church was built in the eighth century, and it is considered to be so culturally, and artistically significant that it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. It is part of the site of seven historical buildings inscribed as places of power. Built in the year 760 it became the church of the Lombards 14 years later.

Built in the second century of Roman concrete by Emperor Hadrian, the Roman Theatre is still in use today for concerts and showcases. Resembling the Roman Coliseum, the semicircle theatre is far less a monument by comparison but it holds 10,000 – 15,000 spectators and was constructed with Tuscan columns offering access to the building. Consider visiting this ancient construction for a show

The Rocco dei Retorri – the Castle of Manfredi houses the Museum of ancient southern Italy. The castle sits on a hilltop - the highest point the historical part of Benevento. The castle showcases turrets, gardens and the Palace of the Papal Rectors. The New Castle, as it is called locally, is worth exploring to discover its ancient roots juxtaposed against recent renovations that locals call The New Castle. 

Visit Benevento, Campania for its own history of arts and antiquities or drop in on your way south after your stay in Naples.

Benevento Map & Train Tips

Stazione di Benevento is the main railway station in this Campania region city. From here you can easily catch Inter-regional and Intercity trains to other great destinations like Naples, Potenza, Bari and Campobasso. 

Below is a Benevento map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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