Best Cities in Italy

Best Cities in Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy and an iconic spot for historical sighseeing. Florence city, where streets breathe history is located near some of the world renowned wineries that you must explore. Milan, the cultural metropolitan centre where you can soak in the traditions, satisfy the fashionista in you and indulge into deliscious cuisine all in one visit. Venice will sweep you off your feet with its architectural marvel and romance in the air.

Beside the leaning tower, the city of Pisa will impress you with some of the most beautiful beaches. You'll have the best cup of coffee you ever had in the streets of Trieste after a breathtaking hike in the famous cave and along the trails just outside of the city. You will re-live Shakespeare’s tragic lover’s tale of Romeo and Juliet in the mystic town of Verona. A thousand-year-old Sant‘Orsa Craft Fair in Aosta is a mezmorizing event where you will submerge into Italian traditions and might walk away with a stylish souvenir.

The famous historic cafes of Turin, the chocolate capital of Italy, will welcome you with delicasies and historical vibe. You will discover the Greek of the "white town" named Ostuni, which offers a unique Italian cultural experience. Flower carpeted streets of Chieti will romance you and the markets of Thiene will satisfy the thrifter in you. These cities do stand out from the rest of the Italian cities with the unique traits and special cultural experiences that they offer to the visitor.


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