Best Italian Restaurants
Find Those Hidden Dining Experience Gems

Best Italian Restaurants

Food is not only fuel for our bodies in this life but a blessing to our souls, a source of joy and a part many celebrations from anniversaries to birthdays. Be it next door to Vatican City where one might imagine the pope seated quietly at a quaint café table, or in the cooler north where Risotto alla Milanese and Cotoletta are favourites, The Italian menu is a veritable feast of seasonal, fresh fare with something for every palette. Find your best Italian restaurants, whether it's overlooking the Mediterranean sea or a treat from a simple Tuscan table. Dishes like Ribollita & Pappa al Pomodoro - are divine, then some Bruschette to follow. Alternatively you could go with some Palomba alla ghiotta or alla Todina, whatever the case may be - your love for food will be a mind-blowing experience leaving your tastebuds yearning for more.

In the North –  Antica Hosteria del Vino Buono offers all the traditions of Bergamo. It stays true to its location focusing only on local traditional cuisine. Visit Bergamo and step back in time when you enter the stone and brick Italian Restaurant with a country feel in the centre of an old-world square. Located in a quaint piazza, this sweet eatery is the perfect spot for an early evening meal with a love or a late party with friends. Enjoy the rustic Italian Restaurant menu whether you favour a traditional semolina pasta, Polenta con taleggio e porcini or Cappelletti con Carne e pancetta, this rustic ambient café has something for every palette and on top of all of this expertise and tradition, Antica Hosteria del Vino Buono also specializes in wine production making it a must go destination for connoisseurs of the corked grape.

In the Center of Tuscany, Il Faconiere offers an upscale dining experience focused on the fresh and seasonal ingredients of its region. Lemons, beef, tomatoes, cinnamon, nutmeg, olive oil- these are the hallmark ingredients of Tuscan cuisine  - the freshness preserved by Il Faconiere as an art and a love of the region. Enjoy the pristine flavours while overlooking an equally pristine mid-Italian countryside. Let this food and this Italian Restaurant and its menu, romance your palette and comfort your soul. Let the flavours wash over you while the sun and the fertile lands that nurture the traditional and local ingredients of this Italian Restaurant menu in this Michelin star fine dining experience.

In the Boot visit Grotta Palazzese where the food and ambiance are equally fascinating. This is an unbeatable destination on the sea where travellers and locals alike can enjoy a unique natural cave terrace offering coverage from the elements although panoramic sea views with coastal seating romantic pairs while offering space-enough for larger parties seeking a unique natural setting for celebrations of all kinds. Offering a refined dining experience within an equally renowned hotel, The Grotta Palzzese offers two tasting menus, a full vegetarian offering, and al a carte options – even one for children. Your table awaits at this Italian restaurant location.

Best Italian restaurants are located in every region of the country and known all over the world for the art and the love of food. Find your feast on wheels, glide to it by sea, rock up on foot or kick into the boot for fine dining or simple bistro fare. However you get to your chosen Italian restaurant  and in whichever location, the cuisine of Italy will nourish your body and soul.

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