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As a beacon of an eclectic history of societal development - Italy represents innovation and human progress. Italy is home to masterpieces made by iconic artists throughout history. However, part of the beauty of the Italian culture is its timeless architecture and pre-modern landscapes that capture the country in its ageless glory. Some of the best historical cities of Italy are best viewed from the coastlines where the beautiful sights transcend into the water. Choosing your Mediterranean cruises may be a task that requires some research, simply because there are a lot of choices. Once the choice is make up, rest assured the magical journey around the boot-shaped peninsula will provide a wondrous, scenic cruise you won't forget.

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From the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre to the white sandy beaches of Tuscany coast, is surrounded by the Mediterranean sub-seas, known as the Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Ionian Sea. As a country on the southern coast of the Mediterranean, some of the best Mediterranean cruise can offer an abundance of beautiful sceneries from the ancient Italian architecture to the sandy beaches of the Amalfi coasts and the rolling hills of the far-off Tuscany inland. From the cruises to Italy, most travellers will opt to enter through famous cruise ports in Rome and Venice. From these port cities, beautiful Florence and the romantic Tuscany hills are easily accessible by train, plane, bus or rental car.

A Vacation for the Whole Family

From the highly popular ports of Venice and Rome, travellers can set sail on a cruise from Italy and experience the fun, family-style entertainments that are onboard some of the best Mediterranean cruise ships. All of these cruises can accommodate larger suites, activities, and dining choices that fit your whole family's need. Every person will find something to enjoy on his or her journey around the three sides of the South-West Mediterranean Sea.

Customizable Journey

As the cruise sets sail from Rome to Venice, travellers will experience the changing tides from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic Sea. Plan your dream vacation onboard the Mediterranean cruise ship, with confidence in knowing that you are free agents to create your trip off-board the cruise.

As the cruises enter the dock of each city in Italy, travellers may choose to stay on board to enjoy the plethora of entertainment and specialty dining that reflects the wondrous taste of Italian cuisine. Travellers may also choose to depart from the docked ship and explore new cities with each passing day.

From exploring the ancient ruins to visiting famous museums, each city between Rome and Venice presents its unique features that make the journey truly unforgettable. As the Mediterranean cruise makes its way through the coastal waterways, enjoy the treasures of Perugia in the Umbria region, the medieval architecture of Siena, and the historical monuments of Bologna.

Mediterranean Cruise Ships

Mediterranean Cruise Ships

The coastline of the boot-shaped peninsula is unlike other Mediterranean countries. As the country stretches out into the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy's coastline, unlike other European countries, stretches from ear to ear. Therefore, the nation's historical and age-old cities can be seen from the face of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. From the cruises, Italy's floating cities and white-sand coastlines look like a piece of paradise on Earth. Needless to say, Mediterranean cruise lines that sail across these waters offer an experience of sailing across the many faces of the amazing cast and its sub-seas while seeing different parts of Italy. Below are a few of great options of Mediterranean cruise ships to choose from when planning a vacation in Italy that's a little different from the normal style of travel. 

RMS Queen Mary 2

In 2004, Cunard Line launched Queen Mary 2, which is the only surviving vessel that is made for long-distance voyages. Queen Mary 2 is specifically a round-the-world voyager that clocks in at 1132-foot in length, 79,300 tones, 19 decks, and accommodates more than 3,800 passengers. This oceanic liner is a luxury cruise ship that is equipped with cutting-edge technology and safety features that make this ship exponentially sturdy and strong enough to navigate the tumultuous waves of the great Atlantic. Passengers embarking on their journey to the old world can feel at ease throughout their journey.

From the Pacific coast of North America, sail away on your dream vacation on a transatlantic journey to the temperate Mediterranean Sea. The Queen Mary 2 is one of the only surviving transatlantic ocean liners, after World War II, which frequently travels across the ocean. This Mediterranean cruise ship offers guests comfort, luxury, and an abundance of entertainment as you embark on the great Atlantic crossing from the urban, ultra-modern life of your home city through to the historic passage of Italy.

In 2016, Queen Mary 2 spent more than $130 million to upgrade its suites to provide even more luxury than before. The common area also received an upgrade to encompass lush, elegant colours that reflects the grandeur aesthetics of the ocean liner. With a mixture of European and American aesthetics, the transatlantic voyager also fitted sweeping staircases, a grand ballroom, incredible promenade decks that overlook the ocean, and more than 14 decks worth of shops, bars, restaurant, and pools. The Queen Mary 2 also provides intimate to exciting nightlife options such as romantic formal dinners, casino, and jazz night.

Take a trip on Queen Mary II from New York or Florida on a 14-day passage to Rome. Besides the wide array of restaurant and shops available, passengers are also able to visit the vessel's most luxurious spa resort, the Canyon Ranch Spa, which offers stress-relief classes, diet and disease prevention, and thalassotherapy pools. This resort sweeps across 20,00 square foot of space on two decks. With over 24 treatment rooms, the spa is a sure place to relax in aromatic steams and herbal pools before embarking on your journey in Italy. 

MS Symphony of the Seas

The Symphony of the Sea is a 1,200 feet long, 18 deck cruise ship that entertains all guests, whether they are young or old. Titled as the world's largest cruise ship, the Symphony is a beaming beacon on the sea as it sails for a seven-day extravaganza with all the luxuries of on-board entertainment, culinary dining experience, and activities including a giant 10-store waterslide, zip line, and rock climbing walls. The whole family will surely find something to pique their interest. Onboard the Italy cruise, travellers have the flexibility to choose however many days that they desire to sail across the Western Mediterranean Seas as the Royal Caribbean cruises from the port of Civitavecchia to captivating cities of Venice and Bologna.

MSC Seaview

The MSC Seaview is a 5,200 passenger fleet that clocks in at 1060 feet in length, this Mediterranean cruise ship sails through some of the most exhilarating wonders of the Mediterranean old world. From the ports of Italy, the MSC cruise departs from Genoa or Civitavecchia. From the coast of Italy, the MSC cruise will take guests on a journey through Cannes and Corsica in France to Barcelona in Spain. Guests may choose to take as little as a five-day journey across the Sea to 26 nights as the cruise ship sails from the coasts of Italy to the tip of the Middle East. 

Windstar Cruise Line

If you're looking to experience all the wonders of Italy, the Windstar Cruise offers a smaller fleet of high-end yachts that carry 310-passengers as it sails from Rome to Venice. This yacht is a perfect romantic getaway or an excellent choice of travel to see all of the magnificent and historical monuments that Italy has to offer. The Windstar sets sail in the ports of Rome or Venice and take passenger through to the Aeolian Islands before making its way to the historic village of Piran. The Windstar is a great choice for travellers looking to explore various regions of Italy through their seven-day journey.

Mediterranean cruise lines offer meal plans with exceptional and customizable choices for all its guests but cater Italian cuisines that truly reflect the taste of Italy. To plot some checkpoints for your Italy cruise, why not check out the Mediterranean Sea Map?

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