Bolzano Italy
Northern Italian City Near the Austrian Border

Bolzano Italy

Bolzano Italy is a northern city where this country meets Austria. Far from a clash of cultures, Italy and Austria come together here, bringing the very best of each to the alpine region. The region of Alto Adige, Trentino-South Tyrol is the northernmost province in Italy. Its capital city: Bolzano, is in a German-speaking area. Bolzano offers. a Northern European lifestyle as well as a Mediterranean experience. Both are clearly illustrated by the historic and artistic gems this city has to offer. The city and province are bilingual, German-Italian as the region borders both Austria and Switzerland. Sitting in the Adige Valley, Bolzano is surrounded by the stunning Dolomites in the Italian Alps. Bolzano is a valley hub for economics and is known as Italy’s capital city of Christmas for its distinguished Christmas Market


Bolzano was named town of the year in 2009 due the implementation of the Alpine Convention promoting sustainable development in the Alpine area. Bolzano is a bustling and lively city created in part by outdoor shopping lanes and food and flower markets along with a central square and colourful churches. The town is also known for its feisty people, perhaps one of the most famous being a 12th-century poet named Walther. The central square in Bolzano is named the local poet. Walther stood up against the pope of his time. Walther has an enduring legacy and his uppity nature seems to part of it. Fast forward eight centuries when the first McDonald’s in the region, erected in the 1990s, was shut down due to the protests of locals who were unhappy with the emergence of North American fast food in the area

Feisty, yet welcoming, locals here will greet tourists in either of the two official languages: German or Italian making journeys here unique and versatile as much because of its people as its monuments and stunning geography.

Piazza Erbe is yet another vibrant square is the place to find fresh produce, bread and, streudel and hams. You might say this square is dominated by the German side of the area, at least as far as lunch options go. But of course, you can find both Germanic and Italian foods of all kinds in this region. You can get far beyond pizza and pasta here and deep into Austrian and German favourites.

Ötzi is a 5,300 year-old remains of a Bronze Age hunter residing at the South Tirol Museum of Archaeology the remains were found in the mountains on the Italian/Austrian border in 1991. Perhaps the most curious of all the sites in Bolzano. 

It is clear to see why Bolzano ranked as the best place to live in Italy in   2014, in the annual quality of life ranking. It is a place of beauty given its location at the foot of the mountains. It is a place of interest with its outstanding arts and culture, not to mention ancient artifacts and beautiful views from a hilltop resort town. Enjoy the diversity of culture, language, arts and, history in Bolzano.

Bolzano Map & Train Tips

Bolzano/Bozen is the main railway station in this northern city of Trentino-Alto Adige. From this station you can catch the fast regional trains as well as intercity service and easily reach other great destinations such as Brenner, Merano, San Candido and Trento. Or perhaps you've had enough of the north and want to come back south to Verona and continue your travels somewhere else in Italy while enjoying the high-speed train travel service offered there.

Below is a Bolzano map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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