Burano Italy
Amazingly Picturesque Venetian Lagoon Island

Burano Italy

Burano Italy is cluster of 4 islands in the North Venetian Lagoon, in the Italian region of Veneto. It is famous for lace making among other things. Their lace was so famous that in 1481, Leonardo da Vinci visited here to purchase a lace for the altar of the Duomo di Milano. After that, the lace from this small island was exported all across Europe. After a period of booming and then decline in 1872, a lace-making school was founded. Today, only a few people make lace here using the traditional method as it is costly and laborious, but it can still be seen and bought in a few places on the island. 


When you walk the streets on the island of Burano, one thing you will notice that stands out are the brightly coloured houses. Houses in every hue of the rainbow from bold red to pastel pink line up row upon row. These relate to the islands original purpose as a fishing village. The houses were displayed in colours that the fisherman could find on their long trip homes in bad weather. Today, the houses are a draw for artists, and the colours are not random. In fact, they follow a prescribed system which dates back many years. When a resident on the island wishes to paint his or her house, he must write a letter to the government. The government will then respond and outline the colours allowed for that property. 

Burano also has a few stunning historical sites. The Church of San Martino with its leaning bell tower which is a great spot for photographs. The Museum of Lace or the Museo del Merletto is also a sight you will want to visit here. Here, you can learn all about the complicated yet dainty art of lace making. After that, you may wish to visit one of the authentic lace shops on the island. However, be forewarned. The real lace of Burano is expensive. It can often take a lace maker weeks to finish a tiny work. If the lace you see in the shops is cheap, it is probably not authentic. 

In addition to lace, colourful houses and historic churches, Burano has a whole host of authentic restaurants, quaint shops, and friendly people. However, there is only one hotel on the island so if you want to stay over, be sure to book early. Burano has much to offer in a picturesque setting so be sure to add it to your Italian holiday.

Burano Italy Map & Train Tips

Find the map of Burano Italy below, with ferry docs and major points of attractions to help with exploring these amazing islands. Getting to Venice can be done in a train to the Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia or by air into the Marco Polo Airport. From the airport you can take a bus right into Venice and from there, the ferry docks that will take you to Burano are just a short walking distance away. A typical ferry ride from Venice to Burano is 45 minutes - a convenient and inexpensive way to travel and explore mesmerizing sights of the Venetian Lagoon. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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