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Bus Italy

Take a moment to sit back and imagine being able to travel around Italy - exploring all of the major cities, as well as relaxing and enjoying the unforgettable sites along the way. While doing this, wouldn't it be nice to not worry about getting lost, incurring the stress of fighting through traffic or accidentally ending up in the restricted traffic areas known as the ZTL zones? How about having someone there to explain all of the amazing history and culture that Italy has to offer? Now imagine doing all of this at an extremely affordable price! If this sounds like the ideal way to travel, then why not consider - bus Italy travel. Thousands of visitors take advantage of public transit and bus tours each year and this might just be the perfect option for the Italy traveller in you!

Bus Italy - Useful Info

Italian buses are very well integrated into the extensive public transit system and especially useful when planning to travel within one region. They connect the major city centres within region as well as the surrounding suburbs. Italy buses will get you to your remote destinations, which are often times not reachable by train. Also, taking an Italian bus is a great way to immerse yourself into the Italian culture, practice the language and meet the locals. Bus Italy travel is an affordable and convenient way to get from place to place while touring this beautiful country.

  • Passes and tickets have to be purchased ahead of time and the price of each ride is determined by the distance you are travelling. You can book your Italian bus tickets online if planning ahead, looking for a promotion or just wanting a peace of mind. They can also be purchased at newsstands and tobacco with a bit "T" sign usually mounted outside the front door.  

  • Validating your ticket is very important when entering a bus, there's usually a little machine affixed by the entrance. Failing to do so can result in a heavy fine in some areas of Italy.
  • These Italian bus companies are Inter-Regional: SENA Autolinee, SAIS Autolinee, SAIS Trasporti and connect the major cities across the country.
  • City buses are available in many Italian city centres and are a great way to get around to various sites as well as train stations. Some of these networks are listed on the Orari Autobus (Bus Schedules) and can be browsed by region, this is an Italian site but page translation is an option. 

Bus Tour Suggestions

As mentioned before, travelling by bus here is one of the most preferred ways to see the country and for many good reasons. It's not uncommon to see large coaches weave their way around tight corners and winding roads, but rest assured - all drivers are carefully selected and very skilled, hence making this type of travel safe and convenient.

These tours often times need to be booked ahead of time but still offer the benefit of being able to travel the country without spending a fortune. Furthermore, they often offer a personal tour guide that can point out interesting sites along the way and can answer your questions while providing detailed information that may not be available to travellers otherwise. Some of Italy’s most popular bus tours include the following attractions and are offered by numerous tour companies:

  • Italy has many touring agencies that offer specific trips to famous landmarks and historical sites with a bus tour. These trips are usually offered on larger coach buses that come equipped with comfortable seating, washroom & sometimes Wi-Fi onboard
  • Italian market and shopping tours will provide you with an inclusive tour to some of Italy’s best shopping outlets and marketplaces. You will be sure to find all the everlasting souvenirs and gifts you desire to bring home while appreciating the experience of mingling with the local vendors and the satisfaction of getting a bargain
  • Italian Alps and Dolomite tours will give you spectacular views as you drive through the mountainous terrain and explore the breathtaking scenery. No need to worry about missing anything bedazzling - there will be plenty of time to stop and snap some of the most amazing photos you've ever taken while while enjoying every breath of the fresh, brisk mountain air

There are just a few ideas, but all tours vary in duration times ranging from half-day, full day or even weeks. To sum it all up, bus travel in Italy can offer you and your family a comfortable and relaxed way of travelling that won’t break the bank. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sites and the amazing experiences while all the hectic navigating is done for you by an professional coach driver. 

Bus Italy Map & Train Tips

Below is a map of a few bus terminals throughout Italy with train stations which are easily accessible for transfers. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

If travelling mostly between big cities, buses aren't necessarily your best option - this is where the trains come in, especially if visiting the northern part of the country. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering to travel with an Italian bus:

  • No bus company connects all of the 20 regions so travelling by train is preferred for long distances. If wanting to trek the entire region by bus, one would have to look into the different bus networks that connect the regions and figure out where to transfer to the next bus on their own
  • Bus terminal are often close to the train station in major city centres and certain regions have quite a few different bus companies offering their service there
  • When planning to visit some small villages or towns especially in the countryside, train service may not be available in the destination of choice
  • It's aways a good idea to check for the nearest train station for the town of your desire before embarking on your trip. If none exist, changes are that town will be served by an Italian bus service which will connect you to the nearest train station
  • Main train stations and airports will usually have a Tourist Information Office to help answer any Italian bus related question, or just give you some insight into the specifics a certain area has to offer. Keep in mind, they do close for a roughly 2-3 hr lunch like many businesses throughout Italy

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