Cagliari Italy
The Beautiful Capital of Sardinia Region Island

Cagliari Italy

Cagliari Italy is the capital of the Island of Sardinia and is a vital port city close to North Africa. The name of the city means "Castle" and it has quite to bit to offer to the travellers, including many historical sites as well as its natural beauty. It is the twenty-sixth largest city in Italy and the largest on the island itself. The Mediterranean climate of the region brings some 3 million people yearly making it a hot tourist destination. 

Cagliari Weather

Being on of the southern Island of Sardinia - in Insular Italy, Cagliari weather is quite pleasant most of the year. Summers are generally hot, dry and muggy, with clear skies and winters are long, partly cloudy, wet and temperate. Throughout the year the temperature can be anywhere from 6°C to 31°C. The lowest temperatures seen during the winters can be around 2°C, while the hottest summer days it could be as hot as 34°C. Most pleasant time to visit is late spring to mid summer, and late summer to early fall when Cagliari weather is pleasant and crowds are manageable.


If historical landmarks on your to visit list in Cagliari Italy be sure to visit the remains of the city of Karalis. Many sites are still intact and include the Tuvixeddu Necropolis which is the largest Punic Necropolis still standing, an impressive Roman Amphitheatre, and an Aqueduct. The Bastione St. Remy is a must see, and it’s probably the most famous icon in the city. Spectacular views of the Mediterranean can be seen here, and you will want to take in the intricately detailed walkway and terrace. 

The Elephant Tower or the Torre dell’Elefante is a wonder to behold. Constructed in the middle ages, it was part of the cities defense. Nowadays you view its coat of arms and climb to the top for breathtaking views of Cagliari. The Torre di San Pancrazio is another tower you might want to visit. Other historical sites in the area include the Il Castello district, the Cagliari Cathedral and the Basilica of San Saturnino.

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari or the National Archeological Museum of Cagliari as it is commonly known has something for every traveler. It displays artifacts from the Neolithic period up until the early Middle Ages.

If natural wonders and culture are what you seek, a trip to the Cagliari Marina should be added to your agenda. You can take a stroll on the promenade here and visit some of the many restaurants and stores. There is also a section of the port where you can see cruise and commercial ships arriving and departing. If you are in the mood for some local culture, take in one of the many markets in Cagliari. The San Benedetto market is bustling with activity and local fare. Here you can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as cheese and seafood. After a busy day, you might want to relax and unwind at the Calamosca beach. It’s bright blue waters, and rugged terrain offer a quiet refuge for weary travelers. You can relax and sunbathe here or if you still have extra energy, explore some of the jagged bluffs.

Cagliari Italy is a wondrous place to visit on your trip to Italy. Its unique island setting offers unparalleled architecture and culture mixed with a seaport and coastline that you won’t soon forget. 

Cagliari Map & Train Tips

Cagliari Italy can be accessed by the Cagliari-Elmas International Airport which is situated about a mile from the city centre. Once at the airport you can hop on a railway line to take you to the city. The railway station Ferrovie Dello Stato is the main station in Cagliari and has transportation to Iglesias, Carbonia, Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Sassari and Porto Torres on the island.

Below is a Cagliari map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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