Caserta Italy
A Great City to Visit in Campania Near Naples

Caserta Italy

Caserta Italy is a city in the Southern part of the country, in the Campania region which is located twenty-five miles north of Naples. It is known for its famous Palace of Caserta and for its agriculture, industrial and commercial industries. Caserta is located on the Campanian plain at the base of the Campanian Sub Apennine mountain range. The original name of Caserta was Casertavecchia which was initially constructed on top of the Roman town Irta which translates to home village located above. It was later shortened to its modern-day name Caserta. Let’s explore all there is to see and do on your visit to this southern Italian gem. 


If you love palaces, Caserta Italy has one of the most famous ones in all of the country. The Royal Palace or Reggia was designed by Luigi Vanvitelli in the eighteenth century. This former royal residence has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the largest palaces to be constructed during that time frame. It’s breathtaking interior, gardens and park. The castle has been featured in such blockbuster movies as Mission Impossible III, Angels and Demons and most notably is Star Wars, Episodes I and II. In Star Wars, this location depicted the Naboo Royal Palace. The Palace is one of the biggest royal residences in the entire world as it covers about 160,000 meters squared. 

Other sites in Caserta Italy that are also worth visiting include the Old Palace or Palazzo Vecchio which was a fourteenth-century royal residence. An eighteenth-century cathedral is also on the list. Also, the Aqueduct of Vanvitelli from the eighteenth century is also intriguing. A 1736 foot section of the Aqueduct was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was modelled after an ancient Roman aqueduct. A wonder to behold! In addition to these sites, the piazzas in Caserta are also worth a visit. The Piazza Matteotti Grave has a daily market in which you can stroll and browse. The Piazza Vanvitelli is the main square in the piazza where you can book a hotel, shop or relax with an authentic Italian cocktail in one of their many bars. 

Caserta Italy is a treasure trove of historical landmarks. With two UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in this city, it is a must visit for your Italian vacation. Add this city to your holiday plans and see for yourself all of what this stunning commune has to offer. 

Caserta Italy Map & Train Tips

If you’d like to travel by train to Caserta, you’ll be pleased to discover that it has its very own Caserta railway station. This station is a hub for both national and regional trains and is the interchange that connects Rome, Naples and Bari. Train travel in Italy is economical, enjoyable and relaxing, so consider taking it on all your trips. If you are flying into Caserta, the closest airport is nineteen miles south and is the Naples-Capodichino airport. If you are driving or hiring a car, there are two exits on the A30 Motorway to Salerno which will take you into Caserta. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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