Catania Italy
A Must-Visit Sicilian City with an Amazing Backdrop

Catania Italy

Catania Italy is located on the beautiful island of Sicily in the southern part of the country. It is the second largest city on the entire island, the first being Palermo. Catania is situated on the east coast and faces the Ionian Sea. Catania is one of the ten largest cities in Italy and has a population of approximately 320,000. Catania has had a tragic history and was virtually decimated by numerous earthquakes, including those in both 1169 and 1693. In 1669 it was destroyed by close by Mount Etna. In total, Catania has been destroyed by erupting volcanos seventeen times that have been documented in historical records.

Catania Weather

Being in practically the very South of Italy on the Ionian sea, Catania weather is quite pleasant most of the year. Summers are generally warm, dry and muggy, with clear skies and winters are long, partly cloudy, wet and cold at times. Throughout the year the temperature can be anywhere from 5°C to 32°C. The lowest temperatures seen during the winters can be around 3°C, while the hottest summer days it could be as much as 35°C or even more. Most pleasant time to visit is late spring to mid summer, and late summer to early fall when weather in Catania Italy is pleasant and crowds are manageable.


Catania is very well persevered and withstood the stress of time. In 1434, the first university was established in the city, and today it remains a cultural and historical icon. The old town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there is much to see and do in Catania. Let’s explore your options for this island city. 

There are so many historical landmarks to visit in Catania; it is difficult to name just a few. There is a Greek-Roman theatre, a Roman aqueduct and several Roman baths. Some of the notable churches include The Cathedral, Saint Agatha Abbey and the Church of San Giuseppe al Duomo. Other notable sites in Catania are the Ursino Castle, the Palace of the Elephants and the Uzeda Gate. 

If outdoor spaces and volcanos are a must see on your trip, Catania won’t disappoint. With its close location to Mount Etna, there are several types of tours that you can book to see this natural wonder. Perhaps, you might want to consider a tour of the Mount Etna crater and summit. Many excursions have guides that are experts in the geography and history of this area. Tours like this will take you on a two-hour hike to the crater summit. Most tours provide breaks along the way and lots of opportunities to photograph the magnificent lava fields and stunning lunar landscape on this journey. A great way to spend a day of your Italian vacation. 

Catania Italy has a whole host of natural wonders, an active volcano and countless historical landmarks to visit. Book a trip or tour here and discover all that this magnificent city has to offer. Have a wonderful vacation!

Catania Map & Train Tips

In order to get you in and around Catania, there are several options. Catania has a seaport, an international airport, a highway and a main railway station which is called Catania Centrale. There is also an underground railroad called the Metropolitana di Catania which has been operating since 1999. If you love train travel, consider a comfortable ride on the Ferrovia Circumetnea Railway Line. The name of the railway means “Round Etna Railway,” and that’s exactly what it is! This regional railway is a sixty-eight-mile route that almost entirely circles Etna. The train begins in Catania and travels westward to the town of Riposto. You can also book a tour to take this train that will stop at specific points and allow you to explore.

Below is a Catania map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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