Cefalu Beach
Enjoy a Sun-Kissed Vacation While Visiting Sicily

Cefalu Beach

Imagine sunsets dropping from high in the sky to the lower portion of the sandy beaches and dipping down below the water’s line. This is what Cafalu beach choices in Italy have for you when you visit them. As a highly sought-after destination in Sicily, these beaches call to visitors and residents alike. The area offers clear water and soft, sandy beaches. Not only that, but since the beaches are right next to the main city of Palermo, the attractions are right around the corner.


Popular Cefalu Beach Choices

Cefalu is a smaller sized historic town that is well known through the region. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. Choose the best Cefalu Beach for you based off of what each provides and the needs that you have.

  • Pollina Beach - Families tend to go to this beach because it is quieter and more laid back. There is a camping ground that you can stay at right next to the beach providing wonderful accommodation for any group of individuals.

  • Caldura Beach - Just walking distance from the city center, it has pebbles and sand that make way to the crystal-clear waters below. You can rent a bike and ride down the shores of the area on the cycling route that is offered.

  • Castel di Tusa - This beach is known for the open-air sculpture park that welcomes one and all to take a walk and view the pieces for themselves. Those who love natural landscapes will be in awe with this beach that open up the water before you with majestical beauty.

  • Mazzaforno Beach - This is a very social beach in the area. They have restaurants, bars, umbrellas and social areas to grab food and drinks and enjoy the water. This is a great place to find friends and mingle with the locals in the area. 

More to Do Near a Cefalu Beach 

There are a number of resorts that dot the beaches and if you are a tourist visiting the area and you want to be right on the beach, then finding yourself in one of these resorts is generally what would happen. You can look out the back window to the wonderful ocean views and the beautiful sparkling waters.

If you are looking for somewhere a bit quieter and not as tourist-focused then Villa Caterina towards the heart of the city is recommended, as this area has plenty to offer and is not as busy as the outer banks of the city.

All in all, the Cefalu beach choices are some of the best throughout Italy. Not only is the city highly regarded, but the beaches that they offer are some of the most beautiful. The welcoming environment is one of the best to visit and take some time to stroll through.

Take a dip in one of the best places to spend your time in Italy. You can pass through the city, or you can take in the many amenities, beaches, and extras that it has to offer as one of the most recommended places to spend time while in the country.

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