Coast of Italy

Coast of Italy

Italy is a long, boot-shaped country, that extends off south eastern Europe into the waters of the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. It is essentially one, long peninsula and therefore is lined up one side and down the other with miles and miles of coastline - 7,600 km of coastline to be exact. It is also important to note that no matter where your travels in Italy take you, you will never be more than 120 km from the sea. Ah, can you smell the salty, fresh sea air already?

When you look at Italy coast photos, you begin to understand why generations upon generations have been drawn to the beautiful turquoise waters. Many Italians have built their towns and villages into the hillsides and along the coastal beaches, never straying too far from the beauty the sea has to offer. The beauty of these seaside towns is evident and they contain a culture that is different from the rest of the country.

Italy Coast Tours and Shore Excursions 

3 Shore Excursions Package from Italy Cruise Ports of Call : Rome, Florence and Pompeii Including Skip-The-Line Tickets

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3 Shore Excursions Package from Italy Cruise Ports - Viator

Visit the highlights of Rome, Florence and Pompeii in 3-Fullday Memorable Shore Excursions:

  • From Civitavecchia Port: Best of Rome with Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Skip-The-Line Tickets
  • From Livorno Port: Pisa and Best of Florence with Accademia Gallery Skip-The-Line Tickets
  • From Naples Port: Pompeii Ruins Skip-The-Line Tickets and Sorrento

Worry-free Shore Excursion:  We will ensure your timely return to the each Port of Call for this activity. In the rare event your ship has departed, we will arrange for transportation to the next port-of-call.

More About Coast of Italy

One of the most popular sites along this country's perimeter is Amalfi Coast Italy. This stretch of coastline borders the Tyrrhenian Sea in the province of Salerno and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a widely visited tourist destination and for good reason. Towns and villages wind their way up the rocky hillsides and overlook the shimmering waters and sandy beaches below. If you take a moment to locate this destination on an Amalfi Coast Italy map, you will realize that although this region is relatively small, it is filled with some of the most breathtaking views that you will come across during your entire Italian holiday. Spending a few days here, in Amalfi Italy is highly recommended and your Italy Amalfi Coast holiday is sure to contain some of your favorite memories from your journey.

Another coastal region, located no far from Amalfi Italy, is the Cilento Coast. Just two hours south of Naples, this area is largely contained within a protected national park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a less touristy region and therefore still remains largely untouched by the modern human hand. If you are looking to visit the less travelled destinations, then a visit to the Cilento Coast Italy should definitely be on your trip itinerary.

The entire eastern coast of Italy is flanked by the Adriatic Sea which contains some of the best fishing conditions in the world. This region is lined with tiny fishing villages and exotic beaches as well as Venice, the world’s most romantic city. If you’re looking for a variety of different sites and destinations to visit on your journey, then a trip to the East Coast is sure to please!

Gazing at any Mediterranean Sea Map, it’s hard to miss the boot-shaped landmass that reaches down to dip its toes into the sparkling, clear waters of the Mediterranean. The warmest coastal cities are found here, in the southernmost parts of Italy, and this region contains some of the best locations for those seeking warmth, sun and sand.  

Reaching these beautiful destinations, located along Italy’s coast is easily added to any trip itinerary. As well as zigzagging throughout the country, Italy’s rail system travels up one coast and down the other, making stops at the most popular locations, as well as some hidden gems along the way. Taking a train is also another great way to sit back, relax and taking in the stunning views that this country’s coast has to offer. 

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