Cooking School in Italy
Travel While You Learn the Italian Culinary Art

Cooking School in Italy

You could learn to cook anywhere: at school, in evening workshops, or even in your kitchen with your most loved cookbook. But, if you’re an adventurous foodie, why not go to the heart of it and try a cooking school in Italy? Learn to cook in a place known all over the world for its delicious food and diverse culture. A place with a genuine love of wholesome, locally grown foods and distinctive markets. Italy is a country where local ingredients are plentiful and fresh, and perhaps even better than that, learn to cook in a culture that loves both cooking and sharing a meal.

Learn to cook in Italy, whether it’s on a one-week trip to Tuscany where you can learn the craft while living in a classic Tuscan villa or a one-day class in another charming Italian location, the choice is yours. You can even book a more extended stay during which you can dig deep into the history of classic Italian cuisine and learn the specialties of home cooking, Italian style.

For as little as $3500 USD you can get an all-inclusive one-week cooking extravaganza focused on Italian or specifically Tuscan or Mediterranean cuisine. You can holiday all week surrounded by acres of rolling hills in Tuscan villas dating back to the 1,700’s, each with a unique history. You will learn from the experts, Italian-born chefs, and take a daily excursion to find the roots of the Italian cooking, ingredients, and dishes you’ll cook and taste. Your tours are guided and your itineraries are laid out daily so you’ll want and worry for nothing for a full week of luxurious surroundings, indulgent food, and exciting excursions. And of course, don’t forget the menus. Cook and indulge in favourites like saffron and asparagus risotto, or panna cotta with candied orange zest for dessert if you choose the Mediterranean class.

Alternatively, take a one-day class in the Italian city you always wanted to visit. Try a class in Florence where the culinary schools here focuses on sustainability, local ingredients, and sharing the experience of food. A one-day experience can include the dishes you fancy: pasta making, a day focused on fish and seafood, Tuscan meats, or make your own pizza and gelato. You’ll get a whole day of learning, fun, and food for as little as $140 USD. Why not add on a guided tour of a local market before your feast? Find out where the ingredients come from and take in the authentic experience of a Tuscan market with the smells of fresh bread. Perhaps bring some back to decorate your lunch table. 

Dig in deep if you have more than a week to spend, indulge! Learn all about Italian home cooking in courses anywhere from 2-12 weeks long.  You can specialize in gelato, or learn to be a barista – in true Italian style. Spend 30 days immersing yourself in real Italian culture, shopping for fresh ingredients at local markets, learning 5-6 dishes per day and of course, most notable in Italian culture, sharing the meals you have prepared with your new friends. 

Choose your fancy: an all-inclusive experience, a one-day crash course, or an indulgent 30 days of home cooking - there are plenty of choices for a cooking school in Italy.  

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