Custom Italian Charms
Express The Inner Self While You Accessorize

Custom Italian Charms

Italian charms and charm bracelets are like a window to the soul. They are deeply personal and can tell a lot about a person without saying a word. These precious keepsakes originated in Italy and can now be seen and found around the globe. They can express almost everything about a person from their name to their favourite sports team. Let’s delve into the ins and outs of custom Italian charms and find one that’s just right for you.

These charm bracelets were initially designed in Italy by Paolo Gensini who was from a small town near Florence. Yet, it wasn’t until the 1990s that this fashion craze caught on when American vacationers noticed that Italian soccer players wore ones that displayed their countries flag. They brought them home, and interest in them spread, creating their worldwide fame. Many companies have made these bracelets over the years including Nomination, Zoppini, Charisma, Firenze, and Talexia. 

Italian charm bracelets consist of about eighteen interchangeable links that are put together on a flexible band to create one bracelet. This is accomplished by a built-in mechanism that is spring loaded. The charms are made with a stainless steel back, and an eighteen carat or gold plated face. The design or front of the charm is glued or soldered to the link. Gemstones, either real or human-made may be added to the design to enhance the colour and texture of the piece. The individual links vary in design and price boasting everything from letters and symbols to pictures and advertising. 

A beginning bracelet comes with rectangular links that are plain with no markings or symbols. The owner will then choose charms that represent things that are important to them by buying the personally designed charms. The charms are flat and link together into the bracelet. Some charms feature dangling pieces, but most are single pieces. The charms are all the same size making it easy for the wearer to mix and match as they please. You can swap charms in and out easily if you change your mood or the message you want to convey. 

There are so many variations in charms and combinations that the possibilities are endless. Most people like to follow a particular motif or theme such as colour, hobbies, family, career, or even holidays. Within these themes, there are also many different styles. Photo charms are available as well as hand-painted charms, licensed charms for many different popular companies and laser charms are among the popular choices. The prices also vary. Charms are priced based on the gems, gold, and design used. The more authentic gems or handcrafting that goes into the piece as well as the type of gold used in the charm will determine the price. If 18-karat gold with real gems and hand painting are used, the more expensive it will be. 

Italian charm bracelets are a fun, exciting way to express yourself. Pick one up today and make your own custom charm bracelet that has “you” written all over it. 

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