Dating in Italy
Find the Perfect Italian Sweetheart

Dating in Italy

Every country has its social norms and morals that dictate what is expected and acceptable within a personal relationship, and so does dating in Italy. Let us start with the basics. Even the expectations of the date itself are specifically Italian. Being a little late is the norm. Everyone is a little late for everything. But set a reasonable limit on this. 30 minutes is a stretch. Where in many places it is the norm to meet up somewhere, in Italy, you drive in a car together. Everyone drives everywhere.

In Italy, a date is an occasion. Dress up. Make a first impression by looking your very best. Just how does Italy girl meet Italy boy? Online of course. This is the absolutely, acceptable way to do it these days. Italy dating is just as easy as a quick click or swipe. Remember, young people are living at home longer in lots of places, including Italy where 80 percent of young people live with their families. So expect that your date lives with mom and dad.

When your date lives with family, you go out of course. In Italy, dating can be as simple, yet elegant as dining out for some Aperitivo – a light pre-meal indulgence of snacks and drinks. Perhaps a mini-antipasto plate with wine is the way to keep it simple, and tidy and it allows an escape route if things go downhill fast. 

When the date does draws to its end, remember that in Italy, things are changing but you will find that in Italy dating is a little old fashioned. The tradition remains and in Italy girls are flirty and perhaps hard to get and men pay for the date.

In Italy about 70 percent of couples are dating with the idea of marriage and family in mind. So you’d imagine it wouldn’t be so difficult to get to the honeymoon in Italy. Make sure you understand the etiquette so that you enjoy the experience and get what it is you really want from your date or relationship. Both Italian girls and Italian men seek out beauty in their partners and expect the traditional gender roles of family provider and child rearing to prevail. Men are typically charming and may shower an Italian girl with romantic Italian phrases like Mio amore, or Ti adoro, (my love and I adore you). Families are part of the process if you do get close to a proposal so expect that and remember that mothers in Italy, are respected.

As similar as Italy may be to other parts of the world today, where online dating is the norm, the country of charm and romance does have its tradition of romance and beauty, and family involvement in courtship. If you want to enjoy a short fling it seems that this might just suit the Italian playboy. But, if you’re in it for the long haul, when dating in Italy - respect your potential mother-in-law and remember to play your traditional card if you want to get the part and make it to the honeymoon in Italy. 

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