Mount Etna Tours
See the Highest Active Stratovolcano in All of Europe

Mount Etna Tours

Mount Etna or Etna Volcano is one of Italy’s great treasures. Scores of people flock here every year to be awed and inspired by its wonder. This active stratovolcano is located on the east coast of the Island of Sicily near the Metropolitan City of Catania. In 2013 - Mount Etna was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it’s no wonder why it is such a popular tourist destination. Etna tours are varied and unique, catering to the needs of almost every type of traveler. Whether you just want to visit for a half day while taking a smooth train ride or explore from sunrise to sunset with the more challenging excursions, we've got you covered.


Etna volcano is the tallest active one in Europe that is situated outside the Caucasus and the Eurasian Plate and is the largest active stratovolcano in all of Italy. It reaches heights of 10,912 feet, and it takes up 459 square miles. 

If you have a whole day to spend at Etna and enjoy hiking, consider a tour of the Mount Etna crater and summit. Many excursions have guides that are experts in the geography and history of this area. Tours like this will take you on a cable car and bus ride to 2,900 meters above sea level and the historic landmark Torre del Filosofo. This building which name means Tower of Philosophers was built by the emperor Hadrian between 117 and 138 AD. From here, you can take a two-hour hike to the crater summit. Most tours provide breaks along the way and lots of opportunities to photograph the magnificent lava fields and stunning lunar landscape. After that, you trek back to the cable car station and complete your journey. A truly unique way to see this vivid scenery. 

Perhaps you’d like to sleep in and start your excursion later. If so, you’ll be excited to learn that there are many sunset tours of Mount Etna available to tourists. Some tours involve hiking, and others use jeeps to show you the sights. You can also take in wine and food tasting on some of these tours. And of course, you’ll be treated to unparalleled views of the sunset over Mount Etna. 

No matter which one of the Etna tours you choose to take, you’ll be treated to a heart-stirring, spine-tingling journey to this amazing natural wonder that you won’t soon forget. 

Mount Etna Tours - Train Tips

If you love train travel and want to see Etna from the luxury of a cozy window seat, consider taking a ride on the Ferrovia Circumetnea Railway Line. The name of the railway means “Round Etna Railway,” and that’s precisely what it is! It is a regional railway in Sicily that is a sixty-eight mile route that almost entirely circles Etna. The train’s terminal is located in Catania and travels westward to the town of Riposto. You can book a tour to take this train that will stop at specific points and allow you to explore. This is a fascinating journey and a unique way to see the volcano in comfort and style. 

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