Etna Volcano
Visit a World Wonder - Sicily's Active Stratovolcano

Etna Volcano

Have you ever imagined yourself exploring one of the world’s largest and most active volcanoes? Mount Etna Italy is one of Italy’s highest peaks, south of the Alps and is an excellent addition to your trip itinerary. With so much to see and do here, it is sure to please everyone, especially those looking to add some adventure to their trip. And speaking of see, here is a link to a live feed of a Mount Etna webcam, providing a good look at this wonder during the day time hours. 


Mount Etna Facts

  • Records of Mount Etna volcano activities can be seen dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks.
  • There is a Mount Etna eruption that happens about once a year on average.

  • The total area of Etna Park is 60,000 acres and the highest point is at 3,350 metres above the sea level
  • Mt Etna got it's name derived from a Greek word, which means “I burn” and stories of this mountain can be found in ancient Greek mythology. According to this lore, there was a deadly monster by the name of Typhon that had been trapped under the Etna volcano. He had been placed there by Zeus himself, the God of all Gods, and showed his rage by spewing fire and lava out of the top of the mountain.
  • Mount Etna, Sicily is called Mungibeddu among the island locals, in the rest of Italy it is sometimes referred to as Montebello - meaning "Beautiful Mountain".
  • The largest Etna eruption killed 20,000 people in the catastrophic eruption of 1969.

Things To Do Around Etna Mountain

While sightings of Typhon or Zeus may be rare, there are still many things to do and see while visiting Mount Etna. Known for its rich soil and abundance of agriculture, this area is famous for its fresh cuisine and local wines. Wine tours are a popular tourist attraction and fine dining can be found along the lower regions of the mountain slope. 

Hiking tours are also popular for those seeking a more daring experience. Expert tour guides, who are well versed in the science of volcanoes, lead groups on hiking expeditions up the mountainside. As you reach the summit of Mt Etna, the landscape begins to look barren and foreign, much like a different planet. Your guides will explain to you all about the workings of the volcano and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will not easily forget. 

If feeling  even more adventures, there are numerous caves of Mount Etna Volcano to explore. With adequate climbing equipment, you could rappel down inside Etna mountain and explore its geographical wonders such as lava flows and lava shelfs, as well as the amazing stalactites & stalagmites

If hiking and exploring caves aren’t your thing, there are many other ways to explore the lava fields of Mt Etna volcano. Dune buggy tours are a fun and exciting way to view all of the sites that Mount Etna Italy has to offer. Zipping around in these little vehicles will show you all of the best that the summit has to offer and provide great views from the peak, all without having to exert yourself. Tours are also offered by jeep and private all-terrain vehicles.

If travelling by air is more your style, there are options to enjoy the breathtaking views of Etna mountain and the surrounding landscape from your comfortable seat inside a helicopter. These tours are an excellent way to view all of the beauty that Mt Etna has to offer and most of these excursions only take approximately a half-hour, making them the perfect option for tourists who are tight for time.  

With so many fun and adventurous choices, a visit to Mount Etna Italy is sure to make your trip - an experience of a lifetime. After all, how many people can say they have toured an active volcano, and made it home to tell about it?! 

Mount Etna Map & Train Tips

Below you'll find a map of Mount Etna Volcano Park & vicinity with nearby train stations, cable-car options, popular attractionslodging options and much more. Reaching this destination by train is easily done once you've made it to the island of Sicily by ferry. From there a train can be taken from Messina to Catania or any other available train stations before of after that depending on which Mt Etna destination you are headed to. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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