Ferrara Italy
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Ferrara Italy

Ferrara Italy is a city located in northern Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Ferrara and part of the Emilia-Romagna region. Located a mere twenty-seven miles northeast of Bologna and fifty-four miles from Venice, Ferrara is renowned for its cultural significance as well as its breathtaking scenery and has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Po di Volano is a channel of the main Po River which is located three miles north of the city. The wide cobblestone streets and many Renaissance palaces make it a traveler’s dream vacation destination. 


Ferrara Italy has one of the most famous castles in Italy and is a must-see on your trip. The Castle Estense or Castello Estense which is also known as the Castle of Saint Michael is a stunning structure which has been around since the middle ages. It is unique as it sits on its own private island and is surrounded by a moat. The magnificent exterior is something to behold, but you can also tour the various rooms of the castle which include lavishly adorned suites. 

If Cathedrals and churches are what you seek, be sure to fit in a visit to the Ferrara Cathedral or the Cathedral of Saint George which is an excellent representation of Romanesque architecture with a blend of Renaissance. The exterior of the church is a work of art all on its own and inside you will find frescoes, religious artifacts and other artwork by notable artists. The Ferrara City Walls are another ancient site that is well worth a look. These walls date back to around the 1500s. They include a six-mile stretch and are the basis of a big city park. You can walk the pathway for miles on foot or on a bicycle. 

If museums are on your must-see list, be sure to take in the sights at the National Archeological Museum or the Museo Archeologico Nationalze. This museum is located in an old palace and contains many archeological finds such as pottery, ornaments and even two sailing boats. These artifacts are preserved within walls that hold a history unto themselves and include frescoes along with stunning architecture. If you love to admire paintings, visit the Palazzo dei Diamanti Art Gallery, which features artists from the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries. The building is also unique as it features marble blocks as part of its exterior.

Ferrara Italy is a city steeped in ancient architecture and historical landmarks. It is well worth adding this stop to your travel plans for a fantastic look into the history of northern Italy.

Ferrara Map & Train Tips

Railway travel to and from Ferrara Italy is serviced by city's railway station - Stazione di Ferrara. This central station is located in the northwestern part of the city in the Piazzale Della Stazione.

There are direct trains that will take passengers to major cities such as Venice, Rome, Florence, and Naples as well as some other smaller cities. In addition to Ferrara Railway Station, there are also three smaller stations in and around the area. These include Ferrara Porta Reno, Ferrara Aleotti and Pontelagoscuro. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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