Grand Canal Venice
Romance & Explore this Amazing Italian Wonder

Grand Canal Venice

The Canale Grande, or the Venice Grand Canal located in Venice Italy is the perfect location for romance and sightseeing. Beautiful waterways, historical buildings and a ride in a gondola are all awaiting you when you visit this must-see destination. This is an absolute must-see when you visit the beautiful and romantic city of Venice on your next Italian trip.

Sites & Activities Around Canale Grande

The capital of Veneto is a city that is built around channels of water, the main one being the Grand Canal, Venice. It weaves its way through approximately 4km of the city, starting in San Marco and making its way to the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station. Either side of this canal is lined with buildings that date from as early as the 13th century and the most wealthy and prominent Venetian residents, throughout history, took pride in showing off their wealth by building directly along this canal.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto bridge is the oldest bridge that crosses the Grand Canal, Venice and for most of Venice's history was the only bridge that joined both sides of the river. Since the 1800's, three more bridges were created, making travelling around the city an easier task. Prior to the construction of these bridges the most convenient way to move around Venice was by waterway and still to this day, many buildings can only be reached via boat by the water. Since the Grand Canal is the main route through this city, it is also a busy waterway, filled with boats and gondolas that transport both people and merchandise from one part of the city to another.

More Grand Canal, Venice Ideas

Visitors to Venice have the choice of many different types of tours that will give them amazing views of both the city and the channel that runs through it. Some of the most popular tours include:

  • Grand Canal Night Time Cruise: Travelling the Grand Canal at night, by boat, is one of the most popular tours that are given. Once the sun goes down and the lights come on, the view of the opulent palazzi, whose facades face onto the river, is a magnificent, sparkling sight to behold.

  • Riding the Vaporetto - The Vaporetto is Venice’s public transportation system that travels along the Grand Canal, stopping along the way to allow travellers the option of getting on and off at different tourist stops and other destinations. Taking Line 1 (not the express route 2) is the best way to view the sites along the waterway and is a less expensive (although less personalized) option than choosing a guided tour.

  • Santa Maria della Salute - The Vaporetto and most private tours stop at this magnificent church which was built in 1630 in honor of the end of the plague. It impressively stands watch, overlooking the Grand Canal, and a tour within it will keep you in awe with its impressive architecture, grand domed roof and art work.

  • The Peggy Guggenheim Museum - This is the perfect stop for those art buffs looking to see original works by masters such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, Georges Braques, Max Ernst, Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock and many others. 

The Grand Canal, Venice is a spectacular site and ride down its waters, viewing the beautiful palazzi that line its banks, is all part of the Venice experience. There is something to see and do here that will impress every traveler and the magic and romance of the Canal will have you coming back time and again. 

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