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Hotel in Italy

Getting a hotel in Italy can be a very convenient way to lodge while travelling here, there are so many to choose from which can be an overwhelming task in itself - however they do usually provide that expected standard of quality & luxury. Italy hotel numbers are quite plentiful - about 33,000 to choose from and the most popular ones are 3 and 4 star rating when it comes to comfort but also affordability. When picking a hotel in Italy that perfectly suits your vacation needs, you may want to consider a few deciding factors such as location, view, room size, price, accessibility and so on.

More About Hotel in Italy

Location is very important, especially if you want to be in proximity of tours & activities. Being submerged in local culture in a great neighbourhood, with cool restaurants & shops can make a good vacation into a great one.

Having a nice view from your room window can inspire, uplift your spirits or simply provide that perfect romantic atmosphere. Italy happens to be one the most beautiful places on earth and it really shows. There is no shortage of picturesque settings anywhere you go, whether it's an enchanting Roman courtyard, a mesmerizing Tuscan hillside or that unforgettable Florence cityscape - you'll be sure to find your picture perfect surrounding.

Room size is another factor to consider when looking for a hotel in Italy - bigger is not always better especially if travelling on a budget. Most times having a cosy Italy hotel room with all the luxuries & amenities you need is better than having a gigantic room with less things that you can actually use. Whatever the room size, some features to look out for would be - internet access to stay in touch, smart TV to stream online content, air conditioning to stay cool, a kitchenette to prepare your late night snacks or whatever it might be to make your trip a fulfilling one.

More Hotel in Italy Options & Tips

  • Hotel personnel as well the local dwellers will surely become a part of your vacation - it’s inevitable, that is why it's important to research to see what people are saying about the accommodation as well as the neighbourhood. Italians take pride in what they do and are generally pretty accommodating; so generally speaking - if you are polite, the gesture will be returned. Be sure to be armed with a little patience because things in Italy can sometimes happen piano piano
  • Complementary breakfast offered at a hotel Italy option may be a necessity for some who want that convenience, however it may not be as important for others as is no shortage of cafes and bakeries which offer morning snacks. Italians love their espresso with some kind of delicious pastry for the “early breakfast” so chances are, theres a place where you can get exactly that just around the corner.

  • If travelling with special needs or with elderly it’s always a good idea to check on the accessibility of the unit you'll be staying at. Consider stairs, ramps, elevators, in-room aids and so on. Flexible check-in hours or special help requests might be on your agenda and most hotels will try to accommodate to the best of their ability.

  • Finally - the price will be a strong factor in your lodging Italy decision. If travelling on a budget, consider your timing and the season you are travelling in. Many Italians take August off which is when hotels and other accommodations are simply overbooked, driving the prices right up. Generally the busy season starts from May and goes all the way to October. More options of less expensive Italy hotel choices will be available in the off-season.

For booking tips, what to expect and more general information about choosing a hotel in Italy, check out a great post on the topic at PetiteSuitcase.

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