Italian Architecture
Plenty of Amazing Structures to Set Foot In

Italian Architecture

This country is known for many things but one of them is the incredible Italian architecture and its amazing historical sites. We all know the Rome Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but when you dig deeper, there is much more to discover. From North to South Italy is your one-stop shop to the best landmarks in the world. Ranging from ancient buildings to newly designed museums the style, design and structural significance of each building is astounding.

Must-See Architectural Landmarks

  • Our first stop is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. This classic gothic style church with Renaissance architecture welcomes visitors with its divine structure. From the top of the dome to the edge of the altar each detail is impeccable. Filled with charming paintings, mosaics, and statues this church is sure to keep you captivated for hours as you tour the building.
  • The Arch of Constantine in Rome is another staple piece of immaculate Italian architecture. Though many people recognize it, they don't know much about this unique structure. It stands as a tribute to the victory of the Roman Emperor Constantine against Roman tyrant Maxentius during the battle of Milvian Bridge in Rome. With so much history packed into one building, it’s a must-see while visiting Italy. 
  • Another Italian architecture marvel is Venice's Rialto Bridge which happens to be the oldest of the 4 bridges in the city to span Canal Grande. This bridge sees a lot of foot traffic every day between San Marco & San Polo districts. The Rialto bridge happens to be one of the main attractions in Venice. It was built out of timber in the 12th century as a pontoon, or floating bridge and has been rebuilt several times. As we see the bridge today, one can describe it as an epitome of Italian architecture - a solid utility structure build in the Renaissance style.
  • Now let's revisit the classics because that's what many people come to Italy to see. The Colosseum is, of course - a symbol for Rome. Not only is it still successfully standing after nearly 2000 years of earthquakes and bomb strikes during WW2, but it still open to the public for tours and sightseeing. This example of ancient Italian architecture is breathtaking, plus full of history and culture.
  • Another Italian architecture marvel and famous tourist attraction is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Its Romanesque architectural style imperfectly executed is a wonder to behold. The improperly build foundation caused the tower to lean shortly after construction began. Italy as spent nearly €200 million to this day to correct some of this lean and secure the tower enough to be safe. 

Everywhere you look in Italy - there are historic sites, landmarks, and buildings that encompass the unique Italian architecture. Moreover, they are all yours to discover & because Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any country - the possibilities are endless. Book an architectural sightseeing trip here and visit some or all of these amazing sites.

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