Italian Culture

Italian Culture

Italy is a country that is full of rich culture and history and it’s difficult to travel here without immersing yourself into this culture in some way or another. It is a place filled with deep seated roots in religion, ancient myths and stories, a strong belief in the importance of family, a love for fashion and good food and a passion for enjoying life. 

Language The official language of the country is Italian and over 90% of the population speak the native tongue. There are many other dialects that are spoken throughout the country, especially in the northern regions and in the smaller towns and villages that are scattered throughout the country. Italian became the official language of Italy in 1861.

Food Italy is perhaps best known for its delicious cuisine. Unique to this part of the world, Italian food has infiltrated the hearts and diets of those from countries all across the globe. It’s fresh flavors and rich ingredients has made classic Italian food a staple for so many. Italy is best known for it’s pastas, pizzas, risotto, gelato, tiramisu and strong, rich coffees.

Family Italian culture is one that is based in family and familial roots. Families stay close in this country and care for one another both emotionally and financially. Often, extended families can be found living together.

Fashion Appearance is very important in Italy and because of this, Italy is known for its influence on the fashion world. “Bela Figura” is a concept that holds high importance to Italians. It means that the way you dress and present yourself to others is important and is what you will be judged on. Being the fashion capital of the world, Italy is the home to some of the most influential and successful designers and brand names. 

Religion - Catholicism is the primary religion in Italy and the majority of Italians practice this religion. It has a strong influence on the countries residents and guides how people should live and behave. Italy celebrates many different religious festival, many honoring the patron saints of the religion.

History - Italy is said to be the birthplace of modern civilization. It’s ancient history is rich with inventions and ideas that have helped to mold and shape the way that we live today. From advances in medicine, mathematics and architecture to changes in music and art. Without Italy’s influence throughout the ages, the world as we know it now, would be a much different place. Italy is responsible for the invention of roads, indoor plumbing, advances in art and music, the creation of ballet and opera, and the list goes on and on.

The culture that abounds in Italy is full of knowledge, a deep seated quest for learning new things and seeking answers. It is a faith based environment with strong traditions and beliefs and a culture that values personal connections and family ties. It is extremely difficult to travel here and not find yourself easily sinking into the leisurely way of life and being drawn to the history that ties all of us together and helped to shape the way that we live today. 

Italian Culture Tours and Excursions

Culture and Tastes of Northern Italy Self-Drive

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Culture and Tastes of Northern Italy Self-Drive - Viator

Breath the real soul of the fashion capital by sipping a cocktail in the vibrant Navigli district Learn about the ancient art of Violin making from a local artisan in Cremona Discover the most genuine side of the Food valley and visit small villages, castles and food producers of Parma area Meet the local producers of the most excellent Italian products and taste Culatello, Parma ham, Aceto Balsamico, Lambrusco and Valpolicella wines Enjoy the slow life in the beautiful towns of Cremona, Parma, Mantua and Bergamo far from the tourist crowds Visit the hidden corners of Bologna, Verona and Milan thanks to our local buddy guides.

Best of Italy: from Rome to Venice

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Best of Italy: From Rome to Venice - Viator

Breath the atmosphere of the Eternal city and discover the vibrant Trastevere area eating like a local, with locals! Enjoy a funny Ape Calessino tour along the most fascinating Baroque sites Discover the hidden corners of Florence, Bologna and Venice thanks to our local buddy guides Visit the artisans shops in the most authentic quarter of Florence. Enjoy the slow rhythm of Siena and San Gimignano Treat yourself with an exclusive dinner in a noble villa in Chianti hills. Be surprised by the colours of Rialto Market and taste the local “cicchetti”, the real Venetian tapas.

Italian Myths

Much of Italian mythology comes from the Greeks and many of the Greek gods are basically just renamed. Many of modern Italians still believe in the evil eye and can be quite superstitious. Their traditions, values, beliefs and customs have been moulded trough the centuries of developed and shaped by the events and Italian culture. Below are some of the important Italian myths, gods, and beliefs:

  • Anteros is the God of passion and love, who was believed to punish those who did not return love for love given
  • Aradia is a witch Goddess who was believed to protect women agains the agression of men
  • Carmenta is the Goddess of spells know for her chants to aid women in labour and children in sickness
  • Februus is the God of purification who is believed to live in the underworld
  • Fortuna is the Goddess of fortune and fate, but also fertility
  • Jana is the Moon Goddess believed to have two faces, present and past
  • Jove is considered to be the Sky God and the king of all gods
  • Nox is the night Goddess and considered to be the oldest of all gods, all things are believed to have their beginnings from her
  • Umbria is the Goddess of secrets, shadows, and darkness, and just like Februus is believed to be living in the underworlds
  • Malocchio is last but not least - the The Evil Eye, many modern Italian people as well as American-Italians still believe in this and take precautions to avoid the evil and unfortunate spell that they believe it can hold 

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