Italian Dining

Italian Dining

Italy is home to some of the most wonderful and delicious foods that this planet has to offer. From freshly made pasta to traditionally made pizza, no matter where you dine, every Italian restaurant menu has something to please any palate. 

Italian cuisine is known for its fresh, local ingredients and use of mild but flavorful spices. All of the best Italian restaurants will offer the most common, traditional dishes such as an antipasto platter, which consists of cured meats, pickled vegetables and olives and an assortment of different cheeses. This dish is usually served as an appetizer, prior to the main course. You will also be sure to find pastas, fresh fish, fresh breads and of course Italian pizza. Italian pastries and Italian tiramisu are common Italian desserts and it is highly recommended that you indulge in these delicacies while vacationing here. 

Italy is also the birthplace of the trendy Mediterranean diet. This diet consists of ample amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and fish and large amounts of extra virgin olive oil. It is also based around the principle that food should be savored and enjoyed and therefore meals are eaten more slowly and in the company of friends and loved ones. If the sights and sounds of Italy weren’t enough to make you happy, Italian food is also good for your health and healthy for your heart!

Italian restaurants are abundant and are around every corner as are other ethnic eateries. It is important to note however, that many restaurants close mid-afternoon (usually around 3) to prepare for the dinner hour and many grocery stores close on Sunday’s depending on the region you are visiting.

Another exciting culinary experience that is worth enjoying while on your visit to Italy is participating in a cooking class or cooking lessons. Italy is home to some of the most well-known cooking schools in the world and many hold classes that are geared towards tourists. Joining a cooking school in Italy is one of the best ways to learn about the country’s culture and to learn how you can bring the distinctive and delicious flavors of Italy home with you, to your very own dinner table! 

Buon Appetito! 

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