Italian Islands

Italian Islands

Island of Elba & the Capri Island are both beautiful and have a huge historical significance in Italy's past. Italy is a large, long landmass that juts out into the sea and is surrounded on three sides by majestic waters. Italy also boasts an abundance of natural lakes within its borders and both outside this land and within, there are numerous islands; each one offering something special and unique to the Italian traveler. Many of Italy islands are only accessible by boat however some are close enough to land that they are joined by bridges. Some offer the perfect beach getaway while others are full of history and attractions geared towards those looking to fill their days with exploration. 

The Borromean Islands are the perfect place to start your Italian island hopping adventure. This cluster of three tiny islands are a very popular tourist spot, located in Lake Maggiore. These islands showcase beautiful gardens, palaces and 15th century buildings and architecture. Lake Iseo also holds a very special island, in fact it is the largest lake island in all of Europe. A visit to this island, named Monte Isola, will take you back in time, as there are no cars allowed here and it is abundant in medieval churches and architecture. This beautiful site can be reached first by rail and then a short ferry ride across the lake. Another island that is worth seeing, for its unique style of homes and buildings, is Burano. Burano Italy is located near Venice and is most known for its very brightly colored buildings.

Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri island is a picturesque spot that is popular among visitors and has been since ancient Roman times. The gorgeous blue waters that surround Capri Italy are perfect for boating, swimming and snorkeling. Also located in the Tyrrhenian Sea is Ischia Italy. This volcanic island is a must to include if you wish to spend time relaxing and rejuvenating yourself, as its best known for the healing waters of its thermal spas. 

History buffs will love a visit to Elba Italy. This island, off the coast of Tuscany not only offers beautiful views and a scenic national park, but is the location of Napoleon’s exile. Ortygia island, near Sicily, is another must-see location for those looking to immerse themselves into Italian history. This island has been mentioned in ancient mythology and is the site of some extraordinary ancient ruins and architecture.

Island hopping in Italy is a fun and adventurous way to see the country and experience sights and sounds that would be hard to find anywhere else. With islands located in the surrounding seas, in the country’s numerous lakes and even a few situated in Italy’s river system, there are over 450 islands worth visiting. Let the island hopping begin!

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