Italy Calling Card

Italy Calling Card

We all want to call home at some point in time during our vacation to check in, say “hi” and brag about all of the amazing adventures we’ve been on; but doing so from a hotel room or cell phone can be extremely expensive for a very short call. One way to avoid these outrageous long distance charges, while still keeping in touch with loved ones back home, is to purchase a calling card while vacationing in Italy.

International calling cards can be purchased at any convenience store or newsstand and can often be found for sale in cafes and coffee shops as well. They are sold by different amounts of minutes of talk time and are much more reasonably priced than calling long distance through your cell phone on using a landline. Calling cards are purchased for the country that you wish to call to and can be used in two different ways:

  • The card can be directly inserted into a pay phone that accepts calling cards. The phone registers the card as a payment method, just like it would a credit or debit card and you dial the country code and phone number of the person you would like to contact. The amount of time that you talk is deducted from the card and the remaining balance is available to be used at a later time.
  • The card can also be used on a regular landline by following the dialing directions on the back of the card. There is usually first a phone number that must be dialed and then a pin (which can be revealed by scratching off a section on the card) and then a prompt for you to dial the country code and phone number of the person you are trying to call. Again the minutes that you talk are deducted from the card total. It is important, however to check if you will be charged a phone usage fee, especially when using your hotel room phone. Some hotels do charge a fee and depending on where you are staying, this fee could be quite expensive. 

There are many benefits to using a prepaid phone card when travelling to Italy:

  • They can be purchased ahead of time, prior to travelling 
  • They eliminate the need for having loose change for pay phones
  • They allow you to budget your money properly without having the risk of running up large long distance charges on your cell phone or hotel room phone

As you travel around the country, collecting memories and exciting stories of all the amazing things you’ve seen and done, don’t wait for your vacation to be over to call home and make your friends jealous! And don’t spend outrageous amounts in long distance fees by calling from your hotel room phone or your mobile. Simply walk into any tobacco or grocery shop and ask for a una scheda telefonica internazionale for your home country, pay a fraction of the price and make that call right away! 

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