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Italy Design

When you think of fashion, interior, and automobile design, what country comes to mind? If you said, Italy - you may just know something about design! Italy is a global leader when it comes to many different forms of design. Whether it’s on the runway or the highway, you can’t escape the influence that this vibrant country has over the concept of design as a whole. Italy design influences can be seen all over the world in many different sectors. But why is Italy so gifted with great designers, what makes their work so exceptional? Let us explore Italian design in more detail.

Experts say that Italians have always had a love for art throughout history. After all, you only need to look at Florence and the birth of the Renaissance to realize the impact Italians had. The Italy design trend began in the Industrial Revolution and started out as a world of silks, ship designs, and railways. And fashion has always been a big part of Italian culture. As far back as the fourteenth century, sophistication and style were an integral part of the ruling class. After Italy was unified, this trend continued. Even in times of struggle and strife, Italy remained a hub for famous designers, architects and fashion influencers. The early twentieth century brought us some of the most celebrated Italian designers who ever lived, such as renowned Italian architect Ernesto Basile. 

When it comes to fashion, Italy design leads the pack among world competitors. The history of fashion in Italy dates back to the eleventh century when cities such as Milan, Florence, and Venice started producing hats, jewelry, cosmetics, and fabrics. Over time, Italian fashion has ebbed and flowed, but today, Italian fashion is more popular than ever. In 2009, Milan was deemed the fashion capital of the world as well as being the centre of design. Italian fashion houses have become household names. Prada, Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Fendi are just a few of the many influential designers. 

Italian architecture and furniture has a global impact on these sectors. The functional and fluid lines of these designs have Italy’s signature written all over them. Many designers from other countries use the Italian method of designing in their very own pieces. From sofas and bookcases to appliances and chairs, the influence of Italy cannot be denied. 

Italy is world famous for its contribution to the automobile industry. They have produced some of the most famed vehicles in modern times. In fact, Italy is the fifth largest automobile producer in all of Europe. It is also worth noting that sports car makers such as Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, and Maserati all have headquarters in Italy. Moreover, Italy even has a city named after a sports car. The 360 Modena car was named by Ferrari after the city Modena in northern Italy. 

Italian design has a cultural influence that can be seen all over the world today. If you book a trip to Italy, be sure to go and see the fashion capital of Milan or the sports car mecca of Modena. Then you can see firsthand for yourself where these exceptional designs come from. 

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