Italy Entertainment
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Italy Entertainment

From north to south, this country has fun & enjoyable Italy entertainment that will please every traveler. If it’s opera, ballet or plays, Italy has a great selection of theatres. If its art and culture you seek, there are many some great art centres. Music abounds in Italy with auditoriums and as well as smaller venues for a more intimate atmosphere. Whatever kind of entertainment you seek on your travels to Italy, you won’t be disappointed with the selection this beautiful country has to offer.

If Opera, ballet and plays are on your list of entertainment must-dos, Italy has a host of different theatre options. The most famous theatre in all of Italy is Milan’s Teatro alla Scala. Many operas premiere here, so you’ll have your pick of prime entertainment. If your travels take you to Venice, you’ll want to take in the Teatro La Fenice. This theatre hosts over a hundred performances every year from renowned directors. If Naples is one of your travel destinations, be sure to visit the Teatro di San Carlo. This is the oldest theatre hosting opera in the world. If you are traveling to Sicily, the Teatro Massimo in Palermo is the third largest opera house in Europe. Opera, ballet and music performances are hosted here. If an outdoor venue is on your wish list, you can visit the Arena di Verona to watch various musical productions or in the summer months, opera. This restored Roman theatre is steeped in historical wonder and significance.

If it is art and culture you seek, be sure to visit one of Italy’s art centres. Florence has the Manifattura Tabacchi which is hosts contemporary art shows and events. Another art centres in Florence is the Stazione Leopolda. This venue offers everything from fashion shows to food and wine tasting as well as music events. If your travels take you to southern Italy, be sure to visit the Nuovo Cinema Palazzo. This arts centres has movie screenings, concerts, and live entertainment.

If music and jazz entertainment is on your agenda, you will find many events that are specially made for travellers. Music in squares, public places, and other outdoor spaces are popular all over Italy often in the warm summer months. If you love movies, you won’t want to miss The Venice Film Festival and the Rome Cinema Festival which both take place in the fall. If sports is your kind of entertainment, football and rugby are the beloved sports in Italy, so there is are lots of entertainment events and centred on these two sports.

Entertainment comes alive in Italy with everything from Opera to ballet to music and movies. Moreover, don’t forget the sports entertainment. Whatever type of entertainment you enjoy, Italy has it all.

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