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Italy Events

Italy events are as colourful as the people themselves. Partake in the famous Slow Food event with taste, art of mixology & origin workshops for adults and kids. Chocolate Festival in the heart of Turin - see the food of the gods at 360° and indulge your senses. Witness the endless sea of white sails at the Barcolana, a historic international sailing regatta in the charming city of Trieste. If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, race to the finish line in the Trieste Doggy Run.

Italy Events, Shows, Sports & Holiday Activities

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More About Italy Events

There are many special Italy events that take place throughout the year in this beautiful country. Italians are a vivacious group of people and love to celebrate many different things. Depending on what time of year you visit, you can take part in everything from carnivals to music festivals, to opera and film festivals as well as sports events. There is an Italy event for every type of traveler. Let’s explore Italy special events in more detail. 

Perhaps one of the most famous Italy events is the Venice Carnival or Carnevale. This event takes place in February and is full of authentic sights, sounds, and cuisine of this region. Carnival is a time when the streets come alive with people dressed in costumes or masks. There are parades and entertainment around St. Mark’s square and the Piazzetta. Special events and balls also take place around this time and be sure to take in the exquisite fireworks displays. This is one of the busiest and most fascinating times to visit Venice.

If Opera and Ballet are on your list of must-see Italy events, be sure to check out La Scala in Milan, the Teatro dell’ Opera in Rome or La Fenice in Venice. These theatres offer a great selection of ballet performances and stunning operas. You can buy tickets online to most of the shows in advance, and pick them up when you get to the theatre. In the summer, the theatres are generally closed but don’t despair. You can catch some great outdoor events such as the opera season in Verona at the Roman Arena. The Teatro dell’ Opera has an entire summer season of Italy events such as ballet at the exquisite ruins of the Baths of Caracalla. 

If music and special jazz Italy events are on your agenda, you will find many festivals and events that are specially made for tourists. Jazz music in a Piazza and lakeside concerts are abounded all over Italy often in the summer months. Be sure to check what is going on in the area you are planning to visit so you won’t miss one of these spectacular events. If you love wine and flowers, the spring months hold many special events around these Italian favourites.

If you love movies, you won’t want to miss 2 of the most important Italy events for filmmakers and fans alike. The Venice Film Festival takes place in August and September; and the Rome Cinema Festival also takes place in the fall. And you are a sports fan; there are lots of Italy events and festivals centred on football and rugby.

There are so many special Italy events that it will be hard to choose just a few to visit on your travels. But whatever event you select, you’ll be steeped in Italian culture and will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Monthly Italy Events Calendar - Various Cities


  • Regatta Storica, Venice - September 6
  • Venice International Film Festival, Venice Lido - Sept 2-12
  • MITO International Music Festival, Milan & Torino - Sept 3-19
  • Palio di San Rocco, Figline Valdarno - 5 Days in September
  • Macchina di Santa Rosa Festival, Viterbo - September 3
  • Saint Vito Day, Ciminna - First Sunday of September
  • Festival of the Madonna of the Sick, Misterbianco - First Weekend of September
  • Rievocazione Storica, Cordovado - First Sunday of September
  • Corsa Degli Asini Donkey Race, Fagagna - First Sunday in September
  • Feast of Rificolona - Paper Lantern Festival, Florence - September 6,7,8
  • Festival of the Madonna a Mare, Patti - Second Sunday in September
  • Juliet's Birthday, Verona - September 12
  • Luminara di Santa Croce, Lucca - September 13
  • Festival for the Feast Day of San Gennaro, Naples - September 19
  • Palio di Asti - Bareback Horse Race, Asti - Third Sunday of September


  • Truffle Festivals and Fairs, Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, and Emilia Romagna - Weekends in October & November
  • Boccaccesca Wine Tasting, Certaldo Alto - Yearly in October
  • Eurochocolate, Perugia - Middle to late October
  • Rome Film Festival, Rome - Middle to late October
  • Barcolana Regatta, Trieste - Early to middle October
  • Sagra del Tordo, Montalcino - Last weekend of October
  • Halloween and All Saint's Eve Celebrations - October 31


  • Fiera Internazionale Tartufo Bianco D'Alba, Piedmont region - Early October to late November
  • Crastatone a Piancastagnaio, Province of Siena - October through early November
  • Roma Europa Festival, Rome - Late September through early December
  • All Saints Day, Nationwide - November 1
  • Roma Jazz Festival, Rome - All November
  • La Festa della Salute, Venice - November 21
  • Vins Extremes, Forte di Bard - November 30


  • Florence Noel - Family/Children's Festival, Montecatini Terme, Tuscany - End of November through early January
  • Suvereto Sagra del Cinghiale - Wild Boar Festival, Suvereto - 2 week festival from end of November to December 8
  • Perugia Christmas Festival, Perugia - December through early January 
  • Saint Barbara Day, Paterno - December 4 for one week
  • Saint Nicolas Feast Day, Nationwide - December 6
  • Festa di San Nicolò, Murano - December 6 for one week
  • Saint Ambrogio Day, Milan - December 7
  • Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, Nationwide - December 8
  • Saint Lucia Day, many towns but main celebration in Siracusa - December 13 & December 20
  • Saint Stephen's Day, Nationwide - Day after Chrismas


  • New Year's Day, Nationwide - January 1
  • Epiphany and La Befana, Nationwide - January 6
  • San Antonio Abate, Abruzzo villages, Sardinia, Nacolosi & Buti - January 16, 17 & first Sunday following
  • Fair of Sant'Orso, Aosta - January 30


  • Carnavale, Nationwide - 40 days before Easter (sometimes starts in January)
  • Saint Agatha's Feast Day, Catania - February 4 & 5
  • Saint Biagio Day, Nationwide - February 3
  • Almond Blossom Fair, Agrigento - 1st Sunday through 2nd Sunday in February
  • Disfida di Barletta, Barletta - February 13
  • Valentine's Day, Nationwide but bit celebration in Terni - February 14 
  • Saint Faustino's Day for Singles, Nationwide - February 15
  • Feast Day of Saints Faustino and Giovita, Brescia - February 15
  • Saint Joseph's Eve, Rocca San Casciano - February 18
  • San Remo Song Festival, San Remo - Mid February
  • Olive and Bruschetta Festival, Spello - 3rd Sunday of February


  • La Festa della Donna - March 8
  • Saint Joseph's Day, or Father's Day - March 19
  • Easter, some years - Sunday after Full Moon date following March 20
  • St. Patrick's Day, Nationwide - March 17
  • Festa della Primavera, Nationwide - March 21
  • Commemoration of Caesar's Death, Rome - March 15
  • Rome Marathon, Rome - Third Sunday in March
  • Mandorla in Fiore, Sicily - Beginning of March
  • Palio dei Somari Donkey Race, Tuscany - March 19


  • Pesce d'aprile (April Fool’s Day) - April 1
  • Il Giuramento di Pontida, Pondita - Yearly April
  • Rome's Birthday, Rome - April 21
  • Saint George's Day, Portofino, Modica, Caresana - April 23
  • Festival of San Marco, Venice - April 25
  • Italy's Liberation Day - April 25
  • San Biagio Day, Avetrana - April 28,29
  • Easter, some years - Sunday after Full Moon date following March 20
  • Palio della Rana Frog Race, Fermignano - Weekend After Easter
  • The Race of the Ring, Narni - Last Week of April
  • Sagre, or food festivals - All April


  • Italian Labor Day - May 1
  • Sant Efisio Procession, Sardinia - May 1-4
  • Wedding of the Trees, Vetralla - May 8
  • Snake Handlers' Procession, Abruzzo - First Thursday of May
  • Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics, Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, Venice (cities alternate) - May 31-June 2


  • Festa della Repubblica - June 2
  • Marriage of the Sea event or Marriage of the Adriatic, Venice - June 1,2
  • Corpus Domini - 9 weeks after Easter
  • Luminara of Saint Ranieri - June 16
  • Il Gioco del Ponte - June 29
  • San Giovanni or Saint John Feast Day, Florence - June 24
  • Festival dei Due Mondi, June 26-July 12
  • Outdoor music concerts & special Italy events - Beginning of June


  • Palio Horse Race (Round 1), Siena - July 2
  • L'Ardia di San Costantino, Sedilo - July 6,7
  • Festa della Madonna Bruna,  Matera - July 2
  • La Quintana (Round 1), Marche region - Second Saturday of July


  • Ferragosto (Assumption Day) - August 15
  • La Quintana (Round 2), Marche region - First Sunday in August
  • Palio del Golfo, Bay of La Spezia - First Sunday in August
  • Giostra di Simone, Montisi - August 5
  • Palio of Siena (Round 2), Siena - August 16
  • Palio delle Pupe, Cappelle sul Tavo - August 15 (multi-day festival)
  • Festa della Madonna della Neve, Rome - August 5
  • La Fuga del Bove (Escape of the Ox), Montefalco - 3 week festival
  • Festa dei Candelieri, Sassari - August 14
  • Music Festivals, Squares of Major Cities - All August

For more unmissable Italy events, be sure to check out for their amazing coverage on just that. You will find information there on anything from fashion week, to concerts, sports events and so much more - a great site to stay informed of the current & most exciting Italy events. 

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