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Italy Fashion

Do you know what places are considered fashion capitals of the world in the twenty-first century? If you said, Milan - Italy you obviously know your fashion capitals! A fashion capital can be defined as a city that is considered to be a global leader, trendsetter and dominant influencer on fashion. They must also have design and production sites as well as a significant retailing industry. In addition, these cities host fashion weeks, awards, and other prominent events. Italy fashion is something that gets mentioned quite a bit in our everyday world and is respected and admired all over the globe.

Milan is a city in northern Italy, and after Rome - it is the second most popular city in all of Italy. With a population of over 1.3 million people, this vibrant global city is not only steeped in ancient architecture and historical significance, but it is also a leader in economics, education, art, culture, and of course - fashion! 

The history of Italy fashion runs deep and dates back to the eleventh century. It was during this time when cities such as Florence, Venice and you guessed it - Milan, began producing fabrics, hats, jewelry, and cosmetics. During the seventeenth and early twentieth century - Italy fashion was overshadowed by the French. However, Italy endured some tough times in the competitive game and in the 1950s it made a huge comeback.

Gucci and Ferragamo played a big part in reversing the trend, and in the 1970s Armani, Missoni and Versace added to the mix of famous Italian brands. Because of the attention to detail and quality of the brands, Italy has prevailed as a fashion-forward leader. Today - Italian fashion is more popular than ever, and their brands have become household names all over the world. 

Although comparable in their leading-edge styles and quality of work, the different design houses in Italy have come to be known for different things. Armani - founded by Giorgio Armani, is known for its conservative, yet cosmopolitan style. Moreover, many companies aren’t just selling clothes. Armani and others are known worldwide for haute couture and ready to wear fashions - but also for shoes, jewelry, watches, eyewear, cosmetics and much more.

Dolce & Gabbana calls Milan home and was created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985. In addition to their extravagant gowns and dresses, they also have lines of shoes, purses, watches, jewelry, perfume, and cosmetics.

Other well-known Italian designers include Prada for its sophisticated style, Gucci for its flare and elegance and Valentino for its luxurious refinement. But it’s not only glitz and glamour. Moschino is known for their t-shirts and everyday casual wear. 

Italian fashion has come a long way over the years. From its humble roots which anchored in this amazing peninsula in the eleventh century to its modern and glamorous flare. Styles seen in the fashion capitals - namely Milan and Rome have a huge global influence. That is why Italy is seen and heard of as a fashion icon of a country. Whether its clothes, shoes, perfume, cosmetics or jewelry - Italian fashion has its hand in almost everything we wear. When you book your trip to Italy, consider a stop in Milan and Rome. Not only can you shop till you drop, but you’ll also see for yourself just what a fashion capital really looks like. 

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