Italy Rugby
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Italy Rugby

Italians are know for taking care of their well being, this largely means that they love their their sports. Whether it's running, biking, sailing or another sport of choice - it is very important to them to stay in shape. Italy rugby is the second most popular sport in the country, second to only football. Italians have been playing rugby since the early 1900s. The Italy National Rugby Union team competes against all other top rugby teams in Europe. There are two professional rugby teams in Italy - first one is Benetton Rugby which is owned by the Benetton clothing company and based in Treviso, Veneto. The other one is Zebre which means Zebras and they are based in Parma, Emilia-Romagna. These teams compete in the Pro 14 which also includes teams from Wales, South Africa, Scotland, and Ireland. One of these teams wins a coveted spot in the European Rugby Champions Cup. The Top 12 is a primary national competition. 

The Italy rugby national team is nicknamed gli Azzurri (Blue), just like the national soccer team. Since 1929, Italy has been playing rugby internationally and is considered one of the best teams in Europe. They compete with England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the Six Nations Championship which is regarded as very prestigious. In 2016, Italy was ranked fifteenth in the world by World Rugby (IRB). Since 1987, they have competed at every Rugby World Cup.

Italy rugby is quite popular nationwide and many towns here have rugby clubs so you might be able to catch a game wherever you are planning to visit. About four hundred and thirty teams compete in the country’s leagues. The rugby season runs from September to April so if you want to catch a game, plan accordingly. And if you are interested in women’s rugby, Italy also has a women’s national rugby union team. It has been playing since 1991 and in 2018 ranked 7th. 

If a busy stadium isn’t your thing, you can take in a game at one of the many pubs in major cities in Italy. Most of them will play the games for their customers on large screens and some even host events, parties, and celebrations around Rugby games. This way you can take in the game and some great Italian food and drink at the same time. 

Whichever way you choose to see an Italy rugby game here, you won’t be let down. Whether cheering at the stadium or a comfortable seat in the pub, this is a fun, dynamic sport that is loved all over the country. And needless to say, witnessing a match will have you on the edge of your seat till the end of the game. 

Most national rugby games are played at the stadium Stadio Olimpico which is in Rome. If you want to take the train to see a game there, the Roma Termini is the central train station in Rome. This station has flexible service to all major cities in Italy and beyond. It is a perfect way to get to a match or wherever you want to go. And for other games in other cities, Italy has a wonderful train service in most major cities and towns that offers flexible service, economical options and a comfortable ride to your destination. 

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