Italy Shopping

Italy Shopping

Italy is well known as one of the world’s hottest shopping destinations. Some of the most renowned fashion designers originate here and because of this it is an excellent destination for fashionistas or window-shoppers alike. 

If fashion is your forte, then a visit to Milan will be right up your alley. Known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan offers an up close view to all of Italy’s designers and offers a shopping experience like no other, from designer stores and outlets, to small, high-class boutiques. If luxury fashion is what you seek, then a visit to Via Monte Napoleone is a must while in Milan.

Italy is filled with great shopping experiences whether you are here seeking the next fashion trend or the perfect souvenir to take home. Rome is widely known as one of the best cities to shop in and has an eclectic mix of different shops to satisfy everyone’s shopping desires. Via Del Corso is one of the best shopping areas in Rome and a must for everyone looking to satiate their shopping needs.

If your Italian vacation takes you to Venice then a shopping trip to the area of streets known as Mercerie is a must. Here you will find everything from high fashion to small boutiques to hand-crafted goods and costume jewelry. 

Some Italy Shopping Options

Shopping in Italy offers something for everyone. For women, the newest trends are around every corner and in every store window. Who needs a fashion show or magazine when the streets and malls of Italy are filled with the hottest trends, right before your very eyes?

Perhaps you are looking for the latest styles of men’s suits? Italy is known for their Italian designer suits across the globe and these suits will have all eyes on you at your next job interview or board meeting. 

Italy is also well known for the high quality of leather that it produces and therefore is famous for its luxurious leather shoes and belts. Some of the best leather shops are located in Florence on Via Giovan Battista Zannoni.

Jewellery is no exception, you will be sure to find just what you are looking for, no matter the occasion. Whether an engagement ring for the one and only, or a stylish affordable Italian custom chart to let your sweetheart know you are thinking of them. 

Italy Design Influences the Visual World

Italy Design

Italian design is known across the globe for both its classic styles and for its innovative new creations. Italian furniture is extremely well made with it's clean lines and durable materials that will last a lifetime. Although, most furniture made in Italy can be quite pricey, it is well worth every penny. Whether contemporary or classic style is your preference of interior, Italy design has you covered.

Italy Shopping Helpful Tips

No matter what your shopping goals in Italy, you are sure to return home with a few treasures and some fashion pieces that are guaranteed to make your friends at home jealous. Below are a few useful tips. Happy shopping!

  • A sales tax of 22% is already included on all price tags, so you know exactly what you will be paying, before even reaching the cashier. 
  • This sales tax, also known as the I.V.A., is fully refundable to all foreigners and can be claimed at the airport when leaving the country. Just be sure to keep all of the receipts for all of your purchases.
  • If you are looking for a bargain, a great place to shop is in a mall or outlet, which are very rare in Italy. The idea of a large, indoor, shopping centre is new in Italy and therefore most of these shopping malls are located well outside of the city centres. It may be worth the drive, however, to find that great fashion piece at a fraction of the cost.
  • The culture in Italy allows for bargaining. Generally smaller stores or markets are the best place to ask for a discount and paying by cash may help you to score your items at a lower price. 
  • Check the store hours before embarking on a shopping trip. Many stores in Italy close throughout the day at lunch or dinner time.

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