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Most people that come here end up using their phones with the existing data plans they have from the country of origin. In some cases this can be reasonably affordable if their provider has a good deal for out of country travel, but those bills can certainly rack up especially if you your Italian vacation is going to last longer than just a week and if your are paying more than $10 per day to make calls and browse the net. While here, one economical way to stay connected on your mobile as well as access the internet is to purchase an Italy SIM card. To do this, you must have an unlocked phone, so call your mobile service provider to find out if it is locked and they will assist with unlocking it.

A vacation should be a time to get away, relax and leave the hustle of everyday life behind - but that doesn't mean that we can’t stay connected to our friends and family while travelling. Often times - keeping in touch while in a foreign country can be difficult with the rising cost of international data plans and unreliable connectivity. For this reason, many people that come here stay in contact with the outside world by means of purchasing an Italian SIM card which also gives them a local phone number. One thing to remember is that you would probably prefer a prepaid type of SIM card rather than a subscription one since you're only here on vacation and not to stay for a long time. 

Purchasing and installing an Italian SIM card is not a very complicated process, and it is an inexpensive way to have full use of your cell phone while travelling throughout Italy. Roaming plans and data usage costs can be outrageous and often result in hundreds of dollars added to the your phone bill. By purchasing an Italy SIM card, visitors can monitor these costs more closely and save quite a bit of money. Furthermore, once you have transformed your phone into an Italian one, you'll have a data plan and can use apps like WhatsUp and Viber to send free SMS Italy wide - and internationally as well. Also with the help of the above mentioned apps, you will be able to make free voice and video calls anywhere in the world, only data usage will apply so keep that in mind. 

A lot of people in Europe use these types of apps because most plans are limited with the amount of free SMS Italy messages you can send within the EU or internationally, for that matter. In order to be able to utilize an Italian SIM card, you must have an unlocked phone, as mentioned before - but also one that supports the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequencies. A SIM card can also be purchased for your iPad and other types of tablets.

More About Italy SIM Card

An Italian SIM card can be purchased online, prior to leaving home or you can buy a card once you arrive in Italy. They can be purchased at most convenience stores, grocery stores, some bars, restaurants, coffee shops, certain automatic dispensing machines but most recommended is to buy them directly from shops that specialize in selling SIM cards - like service providers themselves. All that is required is a passport or an EU identification card and you can be signed up immediately for either a pay as you go plan or for a monthly plan depending on the length of your stay and your personal needs.

There are numerous different packages and plans that can be purchased, depending on the provider you choose that will meet your calling, texting and data usage needs. Make sure to carry a paper clip or a SIM extraction tool with you at the time of purchase. It's a good idea to check if everything is working before leaving the shop. Also, make sure you are able to top up your credit on the SIM because sometimes this can sometimes be temperamental when using a non-local phone. 

There are four major service providers to purchase a SIM card Italy recognizes as local and these are: TimVodafoneWind and 3 (Tre). All of these providers offer relatively the same level of service but it's recommended that you look into the company before making your decision. Vodafone has no limitations on the area of data usage within the EU which makes it the best choice for an Italian SIM card that tourists can rely on while travelling in Europe.

It is also important to make sure that you have reliable service wherever you travel throughout Italy. Most providers offer service in the major city centres and tourist areas but some may not have coverage throughout the countryside or in more rural areas. Take the time to review their service coverage map before signing up for your SIM card Italy plan. 

More and more people are choosing to purchase an Italy SIM card to use in their phone while here, because it's a good way to save money on their trip and have the freedom of using their mobile device just as they would at home. These cards are inexpensive to purchase and data plans offered by Italian service providers are quite reasonable. Save yourself the hassle and the extra costs while concentrating on what's really important - enjoying your Italian vacation!

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