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Italy Singles

Italy is a warm, vibrant and even intoxicating place where people seem to understand how to truly embrace life and appreciate everything from the sunshine and the sea to a simple embrace between friends or an evening sipping a local wine at the dinner table. This appreciation of life is notable on the Italy singles scene in the charming and sexy Mediterranean country.

Whether a person is single, and never married, freshly divorced or perhaps just starting a new romance – fresh off the singles scene, the important thing in human relationships is abiding friendship. People may drift in and out of romance of one sort or another, but companions of long last are the real social scene, be it on a weekend afternoon in the park or dinner on a Saturday evening on the piazza, social connections among a group of friends are paramount to any one love affair. Enjoying individuals and the social group is common and it is typical for friends, men and women, to come together and enjoy one another without a romantic or sexual expectation.

That is not to say of course, that there is no swinging singles scene in Italy. Like anywhere, there are single people seeking love, romance and perhaps marriage and family in Italy and singles content to be just that. The top five Italian cities for singles are Venice, Lecce, Milan, Cosenza and, Salerno. The top five cities where singles find love in Italy are Vittoria, Syracuse, Cuneo, San Benedetto del Tronto, and Rome.

This is particularly true in Rome, a city considered safe for singles, as well as vibrant and exciting in its entertainment and nightlife. Because there is always activity, there is also a subtle police presence in the main areas of the city so people, including singles, can easily focus on fun without fear. Restaurants, bars, pubs and pizzerias abound in many neighbourhoods in Rome with something to suit every style whether you enjoy a quaint cobblestone setting, or a broad piazza with a view of classic Roman architecture, areas like Prati or Testaccio will have something for you to enjoy.

Celio is an up and coming neighbourhood on the singles scene for its many restaurants and bars away from the beaten path of the historical center of Rome. Here you will find your pick of cocktail bars and restaurants that are quickly becoming popular with gay and straight singles seeking a night out. This is also true in the clubs and discos of Testaccio too.

The excitement carries on all over Rome, it is just a matter of knowing what you like and you will find the neighbourhood to suit you. Whether it is a quiet night out on a date with a new love, a romantic date at a renaissance museum, or a raucous night of drinks and dancing; a wander through historic ruins on your own, Rome has it all. Without doubt, there are Italy singles just like you out on the town looking for fun and perhaps a new romance.

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