Italy Tour Packages
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Italy Tour Packages

There is so much to see and do in Italy that planning a trip for the first time or even for the seasoned traveler can be overwhelming. That’s where Italy tour packages come in. They can save you time and money as well as take the stress out of planning your vacation. Italy tour packages range in number of days and price points. Some include everything from airfare to accommodations to meals with travel and tour tickets. Others are more flexible and just include what you need; the rest is up to you. Whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed. So pack your bags and get ready to experience your dream trip to Italy with a fantastic tour package.

Some Great Italy Tour Packages

Wonders of Italy

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Wonders of Italy - Viator

Start in Rome and end in Milan!

With the discovery tour Wonders of Italy: from Rome to Milan, you have a 11 day tour package taking you from Rome to Milan and through Rome, Italy and 11 other destinations in Italy.

Wonders of Italy: from Rome to Milan includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport.

More About Italy Tour Packages

Depending on how many days you have to spend on your trip and the pace at which you want to see the sights, Italy tour packages will vary. If it’s your first trip to Italy and you have four days or less, you’ll want to make sure you see Rome and Florence. Rome is the capital city ancient ruins of the Colosseum and the Vatican City are just a few treasures you’ll see here. Florence has an exquisite collection of museums and houses the world famous statue of David by Michelangelo. 

If you have six to eight days for your tour, you’ll want to add Venice to your travels. This “City of Canals” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see for its stunning architecture and one of a kind landscape. If your trip extends into a couple of weeks, you’ll want to see Naples, Pompeii, and Milan. Moreover, if you have even more time than that, a trip to the Dolomites Mountain range in Northern Italy is simply breathtaking. 

What time of year you are visiting Italy is an essential factor in your tour package. Although Italy is a tourist destination for the entire 365 days of the year, the different seasons offer different experiences. If you love the sun and beaches, you’ll want to visit in the summer and stay along the coast or on one of Italy’s many islands including Sardinia or Sicily. If you love to ski, visit the Dolomites in the winter months. However, be forewarned. Peak summer season or prime ski season can mean crowds and a more expensive trip. If you take a trip in the spring or fall, you can not only save money, but you’ll get a richer experience by not having to deal with the big crowds that the other seasons bring. 

No matter what type of traveler you are, choosing one of the ideal Italy tour packages will be easy. From luxury tours that include opulent gardens and exquisite villas to off the beaten path tours that include sights not seen by many, you are sure to find something that is right for you. There are even tours celebrating food and culture and romantic getaway tours for couples. Whichever Italy tour package you choose, you are sure to be delighted and impressed with all that this beautiful country has to offer. 

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