Italy Towns

Italy Towns

Are you looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the big Italian cities and enjoy a vacation that takes you away from the busy tourist centers and immerses you even further into Italian culture? Italy is filled with beautiful towns, many worthy of a visit or perhaps even a longer stay. These towns are less geared towards foreign travelers and therefore allow you a glimpse into real, day-to-day Italian life.

Assisi is an Italian town worth visiting if you are interested in learning more about the Catholic religion. Many visit this region to see the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, an influential Christian saint and the patron saint of animals. Maratea is another town that is filled with religious influence. Located on the beautiful Tyrrhenian coast, it is known as “the town with 44 churches”.

If you plan on visiting northern Italy, there are some famous towns worth stopping in. Cortina d’ampezzo is one of them and it sits in a beautiful valley with the alps rising up behind it. Cortina Italy is the perfect location for winter sports lovers and is well known for its skiing and snowboarding scene. Livigno is located even further north and sits among the Alps, near the swiss border. Temperatures here are even cooler, and the crisp mountain air makes it another prime spot for those looking to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and perfect their winter sporting skills. One final stop that is a must-see for those touring northern Italy is a visit to Stresa. This tiny lakeside town boasts beautiful water and mountain views which can be enjoyed if you reach this location by train as it is situated on one of the country’s scenic rail routes.

If your journey takes you to the southern parts of Italy then a visit to Gallipoli is in order. This coastal town is unique because part of it is located on the mainland of Italy while the other is on a tiny island in the Ionian Sea that can be reached by crossing a medieval bridge. Sorrento Italy is another popular destination for those looking to explore some of the smaller towns of Italy. Easily accessible by rail, Sorrento is a quaint tourist spot on the Amalfi coast that draws in visitors. Those looking for the perfect souvenir are sure to find it in one of Sorrento’s local artisan shops or antique stores. If you are looking to add some sunbathing and beaches to your vacation then you should definitely visit Tropea Italy. Tropea Calabria is a coastal town that is known for its stretches of sandy shore and good diving conditions in the reefs that surround it. And no trip to southern Italy would be complete without a visit to Scilla Italy, the home of Scylla, the famed sea monster in Greek mythology. Built into the seaside cliffs, this town is full of both beauty, history and some mysterious folklore as well. The town of Pedara Etna is another southern town that is the perfect location for those looking to explore the unique geographic landscape that Italy has to offer combined with its rich medieval history. This town is situated on a live volcano and offers endless examples of medieval architecture and history for those looking to spend their vacation time exploring.

When looking to discover another side to Italy, taking the time to step off of the beaten path and visit the country’s smaller towns is an excellent way to experience a more authentic side of the country than what the traditional tourist spots have to offer. 

Most Popular Towns in Italy

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