Italy Towns
Enjoy a Quieter, Less Hectic Vacation Experience

Italy Towns

Are you looking to evade the commotion of big Italian cities and enjoy a vacation without the busy tourist centres? There are plenty of quaint and alluring Italy townsmany of them worth a visit or even a longer stay. If looking to immerse yourself even further into Italian culture, then rest assured - there are many colourful and memorable choices you can make when it comes to visiting one of the many Italian towns. They are less geared towards masses of touring travellers and therefore allow a more personal glimpse into the real, day-to-day life of Italians in smaller communes.

Most Popular Italy Towns

Assisi is one of the Italian towns worth visiting especially if you are interested in learning more about the history of Catholic religion. Many visit here to see the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, an influential Christian saint. Maratea is another place that is filled with religious influence, in fact - it happens to be the home of 44 churches! This Italy town is known as "the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian" because it is the only commune in Basilicata region that is located on the beautiful Tyrrhenian coast.

If you plan on visiting the northern regions, there are some fabulous Italy towns that are worth checking out. Cortina d’Ampezzo is definitely one of those places because it sits in a beautiful valley with the Alps rising up behind it - brining its visitors breathtaking views. Cortina is the perfect location for winter sports lovers and is well known for its skiing and snowboarding scene. It's not uncommon to see famous celebrities vacation here, and you can expect a high level of luxury, for a price of course. 

Livigno is located even further north and sits among the Alps, near the Swiss border. Temperatures here are cooler, and the crisp mountain air makes it another prime spot for those looking to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and to perfect their winter sporting skills. Another must-see for those touring the north is a visit to Stresa. This tiny, lakeside Italy town boasts beautiful waters and mountain views which can be enjoyed if you reach here by train. Luckily, it happens to be situated on one of the country's scenic rail routes.

If your journey takes you to the southern parts of Italy then a visit to Gallipoli is in order. This coastal Italian town is unique because it's only partially located on the mainland, while the other part is on a tiny island in the Ionian Sea that can be reached by crossing a medieval bridgeSorrento is another popular destination for those looking to explore some of the smaller towns of Italy. Easily accessible by rail, Sorrento is a quaint tourist spot on the Amalfi coast that draws in many visitors each year. This Italy town is great if looking for a perfect souvenir which can surely be found in one of local artisan shops or antique stores.

If looking to add some sunbathing and beaches to your vacation - then a visit to Tropea could definitely pay off. It is a picturesque coastal Italian town in the region of Calabria known for long stretches of sandy shores and great diving conditions in the reefs that surround it. No trip to southern Italy would be complete without a visit to Scilla, one of those mesmerizing Italian towns built into the seaside cliffs. This place is full of beauty, history and some mysterious folklore alike - a complete palette for the wandering mind!

The town of Pedara is another southern commune in Sicily that is the perfect location for those looking to explore the unique geographic landscape Italy has to offer, combined with its rich history. Pedara offers endless examples of medieval architecture for those looking to spend their vacation exploring and expanding knowledge of this great country and its heritage.

As you can see, when looking to discover another side to Italy, taking the time to step off of the beaten path can be of great benefit. Visiting some of the worthy Italy towns is an excellent way to slow down, embrace and experience a different pace of travel and authenticity. 

Italy Towns Map & Train Tips

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