Lake Maggiore Italy

Are you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist centers while on vacation in Italy? A visit to Lake Maggiore might be just what you are looking for. This beautiful lake is the second largest in Italy and is located in the northern region, just south of the Alps. Its waters flow between the borders of Switzerland and Italy and are surrounded by beautiful mountain views and fresh clean mountain air. If rest and relaxation is what you crave, then this area won’t disappoint. 

Accommodations - Nestled in the lush, green hillsides and on the shores of this lake are some of Italy’s finest hotels and Villas. Perfect for a romantic vacation or relaxing getaway, these accommodations will provide five star elegance and allow you the opportunity to sample Italy’s best cuisine and finest wines all while taking in the breathtaking beauty surrounding you. Many of these hotels contain some of Italy’s top spas while others offer private beaches, quiet gardens and indoor or outdoor pools, all geared towards your relaxation. 

Borromean Islands - Visiting the Borromean Islands is an integral part of any visit to the Lago Maggiore region. Although the total land mass of all of the islands together equals just over 50 acres, these islands draw tourists all year round because of their amazing beauty. Isola Bella, (or beautiful island) is the largest of these land masses and one of the most popular to visit. Boat tours offer the ability to explore these islands, all while taking in the serenity that the lake has to offer.

Lake Maggiore Markets If you feel up to some shopping while on your visit, Lake Maggiore has some wonderful markets that may pique your interest. The largest and most popular of these is Luino market where some of the finest local produce, cheeses and artisan goods can be purchased. Cannobio and Intra markets are also worthy of a visit.

Hands-on Italian Cuisine Experiences - Because this region is known for its fresh fruits and vegetables and delicious cuisine, there are many options for tourists to partake in cooking classes where they will learn the traditional Italian way of cooking. Often these classes are followed by an al fresco dinner where participants can sample their work, while enjoying Italy’s great outdoors. 

Water Sports on Lake Maggiore - If spending time on crystal clear waters is how you would prefer to spend your time, Lake Maggiore offers a wide variety of different water sports. Sailing is quite popular as is windsurfing and kitesurfing. Boats can be rented at reasonable rates from numerous vendors along the lake’s perimeter or private boating tours can be hired for personalized, guided excursions around the lake. Lake Maggiore also offers many lidos, or open-air swimming pools, that guests can enjoy. Many of these connect with the lake and provide lounging areas, diving boards and water slides.

Lake Maggiore is often known as the Eden of Italy. It is a hidden gem, tucked away in the mountains and can offer tourists an escape from the usual tourist areas and provide a glimpse into the real Italian culture. The laid back atmosphere is perfect for relaxation or those looking to partake in “slow travel”. Once here, you won’t want to rush. Take a deep breath, fill your lungs with the fresh mountain air and the scent of this crisp, clean lake and take some time to unwind.

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