Learn to Speak Italian
Grasp Some Language in Time for Your Next Trip

Learn to Speak Italian

Italian is a Romance language and when spoken has a flowing, musical resonance. Using the language on a daily basis is a great way to learn to speak Italian quickly. There is also a wide variety of great audio books and podcasts available online to help get a head start.

Learning Italian can be a fun and exciting way to enhance your vacation experience and a great way to submerge yourself into the culture and heritage of this diverse country. 

The primary language spoken here is Italian however there are many other dialects that can be found throughout the different regions of the country. Tuscan Italian became the country’s official language in 1861, when all the unified countries located on the boot-shaped peninsula became one single nation - Italy. Furthermore, the Italian language and has become widely adopted by most of the country's inhabitants since then. 

The official Italian alphabet only contains 21 letters, compared to the 26 found in the English alphabet. The letters J, K, W, X & Y are not included, however - they may still be found in the proper names of people and places as an exception. There are a few similarities between speaking Italian and French languages and, so anyone with a good background in French should find learning Italian easy. 

When taking the time to learn to speak Italian, one thing will become quite clear quickly - this is a language that uses a lot of vowels. There are also many words that you will come across that contain double consonants and learning to pronounce these words may be one of your challenges. 

If you are eager to learn Italian before embarking on your journey here, think about this - there are nearly 64 million people across the globe who speak the language. Truth is, there are sure to be classes and tutors in your hometown who can aid your vocabulary and help learn Italian quicker than just on your own. There is also an abundance of books, online courses, local programs and podcasts that can help with this.

You may find that downloading a translation app onto your cell phone or tablet could prove to be beneficial during your stay and make speaking Italian a whole lot easier. That being said, there is a high percentage of people in Italy who speak English as their second language and most large cities and tourist areas are happy to cater to the English-speaking traveller.

Having an adequate knowledge of the most common Italian words and phrases will be an excellent way to communicate while here and learn about the country, the culture while meeting new and interesting people. Whether your Italian is perfect or a little bit unpolished, the people you meet are sure to encourage and appreciate your effort. So, why not give the language a try? After all, as the saying goes, “when in Rome”! 

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