Lecce Italy
Historical Southern Gem in the Puglia Region

Lecce Italy

Lecce Italy is a city in southern part of the country and because of its plentiful Baroque monuments is often dubbed “The Florence of the South.” It is the capital of the province of Lecce and is given its name from the stone which is a type of limestone and one of the city’s chief exports. This city has a long history with Greek culture, and you will notice this in and amongst its historic centers and landmarks. Due to Lecce’s location in one of the southernmost points in Italy, it has a Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of almost seventy degree Fahrenheit. 


Churches and cathedrals are plentiful in Lecce Italy. One of the most spectacular is the Basilica di Santa Croce or the Church of the Holy Cross. The intricately decorated exterior is made from Lecce stone and features elements of animals and vegetables along with an ornate rose window. The interior features religious artwork and more stonework. Lecce Cathedral is another must-see on your trip. This Baroque structure which was built in the 1700s is richly decorated with gold accents and stunning arches. The Celestine Convent, Santa Irene and San Matteo are also churches of note.

If it is Roman architecture you seek on your travels, look no further than the Roman Amphitheatre in Lecce. It dates back to the second century AD, and much of the twenty-five thousand seat structure is very well preserved. If you love castles, take a trip to the Lecce Castello. This square structure features a guard tower and high walls. Take a stroll around the exterior and visit the interior to see a paper-mache museum as well as a collection of artwork. If its outdoor spaces you seek, a trip to Villa Comunale di Lecce which is a public garden is the perfect place for a leisurely walk where you can take in some of the beautiful Italian sunshine.

The Faggiano Museum is a unique private structure that has been dug out in recent years. Finds from 2000 years ago are on display here. The Sigismondo Castromediano is another museum in the area. Lecce has some breathtaking squares that you must visit on your trip here. The Piazza Sant’Orozo is a nice place to enjoy a walk and take in the churches and palaces in the area. The Piazza del Duomo is another square of interest with stunning historical sites as well as nearby shops and restaurants. Moreover, you won’t want to miss seeing the Arco di Triofono or the Triumphal Arch which many people refer to as Porta Napoli. It is one of the three gates that still stand in the city and features a Baroque design with Lecce stone. 

Lecce Italy is a city steeped in historical sites and prominent landmarks. This Southern Italian gem is a place you won’t soon forget.

Lecce Map & Train Tips

The Stazione di Lecce is the main station for the region. It is located in the southwest area of the city center at the Piazzale Oronzo Massari. This station has served the area since it opened its doors in 1886 and offers high speed, intercity, night train, regional and local service. Destinations include Rome, Milan, and Venice, just to name a few. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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