Livigno Italy
Amazing Adventure Spot and Italian Ski Resort Town 

Livigno Italy

If you love the northern part of the country and all that it has to offer, consider making the town and commune of Livigno Italy part of your Italian vacation. It is located in the province of Sondrio in the Lombardy region. Livigno is in the heart of the Italian Alps close to the border with Switzerland. Because of its location, Livigno is famous for its skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. Moreover, the winter season is very long in Livigno, which makes it more appealing to people traveling outside the traditional peak times. Skiing and other sports are available in this town from October to May. Let’s investigate the ins and outs of Livigno.

Livigno Weather

Livigno weather is cooler compared to the rest of Italy due to its mountainous location.  Winters are long, very cold, snowy & partly cloudy and summers are cool, wet and short. Throughout the year the temperature can be anywhere from -11°C to 16°C. The lowest temperatures seen during the winters can be around -16°C, while the hottest summer days it could be around 21°C. 


Because of its location high in the Italian Alps, Livigno is a famous destination for snowboarders and skiers. It offers cross country and downhill skiing and snowboarding for all levels and snow is essentially guaranteed. In 2012, Livigno was the winner of the World Snow Awards. Moreover, this area is renowned for its shopping. Livigno boasts duty-free status, and with over two hundred and fifty shops, there is bound to be something for everyone. The accommodations in Livigno are varied from one to five stars to suit every need and budget. In addition, Livigno offers some of the best ski schools around for those who are just starting out, or those who’d like to sharpen their skills. 

Perhaps you want to take a break from skiing and visit some of the sights of Livigno Italy. Saint Mary’s Parish Church is a nineteenth century construction that was built over the previous church. The Caravaggio Church is a sixteenth century building with beautiful ex-voto paintings. You can also visit the Mus Livigno and Trepalle museums. These museums feature artifacts from the past, such as farming tools and other treasures. The Latteria di Livigno is a museum and a functional dairy farm. Here you can explore the farm and the museum all in one trip.  Stelvio National Park is also close to Livigno and is a base for this park which features local trees and native wildlife. 

If you love festivals, Livigno Italy hosts a Snow Carnevale each February with a parade of downhill skiers and an obstacle race. After that, there is an elaborate ball and another parade down the streets of the town. A fun and exciting way to spend your vacation in Livigno. 

Livigno Italy is a ski and snowboarders paradise. Take some time to relax and enjoy the stunning landscape and historical landmarks that this northern Italian town has to offer. 

Livigno Italy Map & Train Tips

If you’d like to take the train to Livigno Italy, railroad service from Milan is available all year round. You can take the train from Milan to Tirano and from there hop on a connecting bus to Livigno. If you are coming by air, the closest airports are Innsbruck and Milano-Bergamo, which are about one hundred and ten miles away.

If you are in a hurry, Livigno boasts a twenty-four hour reliable taxi service to get you where you want to go. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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