Livorno Italy
A Lively & Modern Port City with Plenty of Charm

Livorno Italy

Livorno Italy - an Italian port city located on the west coast of the Tuscan region. It boasts a beautiful harbour with a cruise-ship port that brings many visitors to this beautifully constructed city on the Ligurian sea. Fishing is very popular here, so seafood restaurant choices are ample and there is no shortage of quaint boutiques and cafes to spend some quality time in. 

Livorno Weather

Livorno weather is typical to the Tuscan region and being slightly north of Insular Italy the summers are usually short, humid, warm with mostly clear skies while winters are cooler, long with partly cloudy skies. Average temperature throughout the year can vary from 3°C to 28°C and rarely below -2°C or above 32°C. Best time to visit depends on the activities, for summer fun - late June to early September. Alternatively - if wanting to explore without overcrowding and muggy weather, you may want to consider coming here in late spring and early fall.


More About Livorno Italy

Livorno Italy is considered as one of Tuscany region economic hubs due to its modern seaport. The Port of Livorno is considered as one of the most important ones in all of Italy. This is the second largest city in this region and has a population of approximately 160,000 people and serves as a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Here, you can truly experience what is a Tuscan seaside city life. Some famous products from here include marble goods, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, chocolate just to name a few. Livorno happens to be a mere 20 km from another famed Italian destination which is Pisa.

Livorno Italy has the advantage of a coastal disposition and has several promenade areas with amazing views while you soak in all the local culture. This city is considered to be one of the most modern in Tuscany so if you are looking to visit a charming medieval town, Livorno isn't it. You will find many bars and restaurants offering delicious local cuisine to the passers-by. And let's not forget all the shops and boutiques you will encounter to find that perfect token to take back with you to reming you of this magical place. 

There are many archaeological remains and landmarks to see scattered around the city, which have been well preserved and luckily not destroyed during WWII. Because Livorno Italy is a port city, it's not uncommon to see many of the world's cultures, customs and products that were brought in by boat from somewhere else. The energy here is lively and there's something to do for everyone. 

If travelling with kids, the Livorno Aquarium is a sight not to be missed. This venue displays many species of marine life and happens to be the largest aquarium in Tuscany. Strolling through the aquarium is a lovely way to switch up the atmosphere when your family gets tired of walking around, discovering the city and most kids appreciate such an amazing display of fish, turtles, corals and much more.

Another great perk of being a Port city is the vast variety of fresh seafood to choose from, and as mentioned before - many fisherman are up to the task, passionately harvesting the local waters. There is a large variety of seafood restaurants in the historic city centre but also along the Lungomare di Livorno which is a waterfront promenade that runs for several km from the port. Prices are reasonable, food is delicious and some of the most beloved & popular places to try out are around the rocky beachfront.

Popular Sites

  • Livorno Port - One of the busiest ports in all of Italy and a truly impressive site to experience, especially when cruise ships come in adding a lively energy.
  • Fortezza Nuova - The New Fortress is a fortification site of Livorno and has been used as part of the city's defence system throughout history. It was partially dismantled to make room a new district - the Venezia Nuova.
  • Nuova Venezia - New Venice is a district attached to Fortezza Nuova and gets its name from the many canals that line the streets, it is sometimes referred to as Old Fort.
  • Piazza Della Repubblica - A magnificent Livorno piazza that boasts and impressive archway and many interesting shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • Terrazza Mascagni - Or sometimes referred to as Lungomare di Livorno is a sea-side promenade with checkerboard paving, many cool shops and restaurants and people who come to gather here and enjoy the amazing setting.
  • Mercato Centrale - Central Market is a great place to come and experience a little bit of what it's like to be Livornese. Inside you'll find many shops and vendor stands selling just about anything you can think of including food, clothing,  hand-made crafts and locally sourced items.
  • Fortezza Vecchia - Old Fortress bulwarks from the 16th century face the beautiful harbour and expose the picturesque view of the canal-connected district of Venezia Nuova. This symbolic defensive structure is the pride of the city and you can explore the grounds and the fort itself since it is open to the public.
  • Ardenza Harbour - A beautiful coastal stretch lined with small fishing boats and boasting a beautiful park backdrop of Parco Bartolini.
  • Meloria Islands - A couple of tiny rocky islands about 6 km off the western Livorno coast. This protected reserve is a popular place for many fun summer activities like diving, swimming or just enjoying the shallow waters. If you want to take a boat out there, be aware of the shallow bottom and your boat propeller. Sail boats usually avoid this area because of their keel which will catch on the rocks and result in an unpleasant and costly experience.
  • Montenero Funicular Railway - A funicular railway in Montenero (just south of Livorno) which climbs up the hills up to the spectacular site known as Santuario della Madonna della Grazie. It's about a half kilometre rail-ride but well worth the time to experience some breathtaking views and see some amazing architecture. 

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Livorno Map & Train Tips

This lovely city has its own railway station called Stazione Livorno Centrale which conveniently offers the fast-regional trains as well as intercity service to get you to your next Tuscan commune. From here you can reach other great tourist destinations boasting their own train stations like Genoa, La Spezia and Pisa just to name a few. Use the Livorno map below, with its own train station as well as the major interest points. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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