Map of Italy

Italy is a boot shaped peninsula jutting out of south eastern Europe, it borders with Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France. Having the location privilege, Italy enjoys a long Mediterranean coast line with it’s pleasant temperate seasonal climate.

The Alps mountain chain form most of Italy's northern border while enclosing the Po and the Venetian Plains. The Apennine Mountains make up most of Italy's backbone and span pretty much the entire length of Italy starting from the Po Valley and running south where we have the rest of the Italian Peninsula. There are also two large islands: Sicily and Sardinia. More Italy Map info below:

  • Population of about 61 million people
  • Area takes up approximately 301,340 km2  or 116,350 sq mi
  • The highest point - Monte Bianco which is 4,810 m or 15,780 ft high
  • Italy's longest river, the Po os 652 kilometres or 405 miles long

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